Tell Yourself the Truth!

Maria Chapian, Telling Yourself the Truth, Christians are blessed no matter circumstances
“When we inject the truth into our every thought, taking a therapeutic broom and sweeping away the lies and misbeliefs which have enslaved us, we find our lives radically changed for the happier better.” *

The book Telling Yourself the Truth explains that happiness is not based on circumstances. It's based on what we tell ourselves: what we think, say and believe when we are going through difficulties.

“I can’t be happy because of this broken relationship.” (a lie) 
“I’m sad about this broken relationship, but with God’s help I can find joy and happiness in spite of it.” (the truth) 

The Bible says Christians, even when persecuted and grieving, are Blessed (happy, to be envied, and spiritually prosperouswith life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions)” Matthew 5: 1-11 (Amplified Bible). 

Our happiness is not based on outward conditions but inward knowledge, so we must quit telling ourselves lies! 

*Telling Yourself the Truth,  William Backus and Marie Chapian, Bethany House Publishers, copyright 1980, forward.
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  1. So very true, God's word will always give us a clearer perspective. How blessed we are to have this when we face life's trials. Thanks Gail for this uplifting bible love note :)

  2. This is another great nugget of wisdom! I feel like my entire facebook is going to be links of your site! Telling Yourself The Truth is one of my FAVORITE books. I truly have found healing and power from the truth of the book and God's Word so I am glad to know you were impressed by it as well.

    Also Gail, thank you so much for allowing me to post your other blog! I will be posting it on my blog site tomorrow (8.13.12) and I also included your button and link to your site as well as credit! Thank you again so much! I think many people will be encouraged and blessed! :)

    Thank you! God Bless you!

    With God's Grace, Love, and Comfort

    1. Thanks, A.J.
      I'm so encouraged that you have been blessed by these posts, and I appreciate you sharing them on Facebook. And I feel privileged to be a guest post on your blog as well. Thanks, Gail

  3. More wisdom from the source of truth--the Holy Bible. And it's soooo easy to get caught up in the world's version. Thankfully we have reminders from the Word and from people like you who make it super easy to get it into our daily lives.

  4. I needed this today, Gail! Thanks for vigilance to minister to others.

  5. thank you for sharing the truth... many blessings to you!


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