Will You Dance?

Jesus brings life to you everyday
“lost dreams and forgotten pleasures ... but just when the old heap of bones seems most dry and deserted, a strong Breath of Life stirs ... God comes to my fragments and asks, with twinkling eye: ‘May I have this dance?’"       
Joyce Rupp

Are you feeling like a heap of dry, deserted bones?

Are you disappointed in life? In yourself? In others?

Are you hurt, discouraged, depressed, or simply tired?

Do you need a Breath of Life today?

“I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness” (John 10:10).

Whatever in you feels dead, there is One who longs to Breath new life into each step of your day. Will you take His hand and dance?

See Ezekiel 37:5
May I Have This Dance? (Notre Dame, Ind.:Ave Maria Press, 1992), pp.11-12

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  1. So true Gail! We are designed for a FULL life and God is the only One who can give it :) Thanks for spurring on our walks with Him

    Carly @ Ryandcar.blogspot.com

    1. So true, Carly...only He can give it. Thanks.

  2. I definitely feel tired. I'm returning to your blog from the UBP.

    1. May God meet you right at the point of your weariness, Brooke. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Gail,
    My husband and I were at a marriage conference this past weekend where the theme was dancing with God. The speaker had a beautiful illustration contrasting trying to follow God with our eyes closed and no physical contact, trying to follow God perfectly with our eyes open but still no physical contact, and finally following God with our hands in His: dancing. It was easy to see how dancing with God produced harmonious movement with no effort on our part.

    The speaker then had someone hold up a lighter while the speaker (God) moved the trusting attendee's arm close to the flame. "Can you feel it, because I can smell hair burning," he joked. His point: When we're dancing with God, we will feel the heat of trials, but we won't get burned.

    Thanks for this reminder to let God lead me in His dance of life!

    1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts from your conference, Janey...very good analogies. I appreciate you leaving them as a comment so others can benefit too.

  4. I have two left feet but love to tap to the music


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