Our Thought Life

Scripture tells us that sin usually starts in our thoughts as does depression, discouragement, bitterness, self-pity, lust and other destructive attitudes. The following 1-Minute devotions are designed to help bring our thoughts in line with Christ. I pray they will help you. Gail


When Problems Seem Overwhelming

Set Your Mind or Set Your Alarm

Messy Details of Life

Fire Extinguisher, Hose, or Bucket Brigade

Tell Yourself the Truth

Aggressive Renewal


He Lifts My Head

No Shades of Grey - It's Black and White

Dirty Thoughts

Thoughts and DNA Damage

4 Biblical Secrets

If You Can't Say Anything Nice

Half-Full Faith

The Power of Negative Self-Talk

Be Your Own Thought Police

Two All-Beef Patties

Elephants Never Forget

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