God Can Use Our Scars

Romans 8:28, God can use bad things in our lives for good
“I want to make sure it’s not skin cancer,”  I said.

“It’s not,” the dermatologist said examining the tiny, barely-visible age spot on my face, "But I can quickly and easily freeze it off.”

“What are the side effects?” I asked, “I leave for a mission trip in two weeks.”

“It will be crusty for a couple of days.”

So I let him do it.

The next two weeks I dealt with a large oozing blister from the second-degree burn.  And the wound required care several times a day for three months more.

The scar I now have isn't too bad and perhaps it will fade, but other scars on our lives are life-altering and sometimes they seem to happen just as randomly, without meaning.

That's one reason I love the promise of Romans 8:28*...knowing God can use any scar, mistake, or accident for my good...Just one of many comforting promises God gives us!
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011 
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Romans 8:28, God can use bad things in our lives for good


  1. I have scars dear Gail and the Lord is using them. I am thankful for my "battle" scars. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. I am thankful the pain those scars represent is able to help another.

    1. I so agree.
      My scars have probably made me more effective in ministry than anything else!
      God is always able to use bad things for our good and the good of others. So grateful for that!

  2. Blessings
    My doctor says I have melanoma, and i allow treatment, but no where in Scripture about my having any , bless The LORD, this was just what i need this day, God bless us all

  3. Hi teaRose,
    I pray that your treatment will completely get rid of the melanoma. My husband who is of Scandinavian descent has a problem with skin melanoma. He has had 3 removed and their removal can leave deep scars but I'm sometimes surprised how well the scars heal.
    May God bless you,


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