2014 Devotions

1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2014
those devotions marked with an asterisk (*) have an accompany study on Bite Size Bible Study 

4 Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions 
Origins Matter--why creation matters
God of Pleasing Practicality--God created beauty

Multiply--discipleship yields quantity and quality*
Community--discipleship happens in small groups
Lifestyle--discipleship happens naturally
Coaching--specific discipleship relationships
Friendly Purposes--peer discipleship 

Anatomy of Temptation--The Temptation of Eve* 
Ask and Receive Anything You Ask--No!--understanding prayer 
Psalm 119 Strategy--avoiding temptation
Misery Loves Company--atheist evangelists
My Eclectic Blue & White--God uses broken people

Good Sins--understanding sin and repentance*

Soaked Soldiers--making sacrifices for Christ
Right and Wrong--Christian moral decline
Simple, Profound, True--Jesus Loves Me

Trojan Horse Enemies of the Church--subtle false philosophies*

Anatomy of Insincere Repentance--learning from King Saul's excuses
Blame it on My Stove--Feng Shui and other silly excuses for sin
Deceptive Evangelism--being accurate about salvation

Trojan Horse Lie: Loving Self First--do we need to love ourselves before we can love others?*

One More Day in Paradise--glimpses of heaven
God-Approved Boasting--Jeremiah 9:23-24
High Five Jeremiah--thankful for his Word-loving witness

Trojan Horse Lie: Happiness--does God want us happy?*
Things that Make Me Sad: Adam--hard to believe
Things that Make Me Sad: Eve--bad news and good news
Things that Make Me Sad: Cain--first murder, first degree murder
Things that Make Me Sad: the Flood--Noah the only good man

Trojan Horse Lie: I'm a Victim--victims or sinners?*

Going Forth--Jonathan Goforth's sacrificial love
Sea Glass and Smooth Stones--difficulties smooth us
Their Love Destroyed His Hatred--Chinese Boxer turns

The Customer is Always Right--true and false absolutes*

Natural, Supernatural, Unnatural--fallen man needs God
Someone Always Gets Hurt--the truth about sin
What Could He Have Done That He Didn't?--what did Francis Asbury do?

The Prodigal Understands--have you returned home?*

Ever Heard of Biddy Chambers?--she made her husband a blessing to many
Rolling Right--is life a list or a wheel?
Little Things Matter--does the end justify the means?

Waiting Eagerly--who needs to return home?*
Blurry Vision or 20/20?--how is your spiritual sight?
This Bugged Me--where is your treasure?
What's Love Got to Do With It?--confused about Biblical love?
Real Life--godliness is also part of the message

There's No "Away"--where do we go?*

Tent-Life--where is your home?
Growth--are you growing as a Christian?
We Won't Understand--who do you trust?

Why, God, Why?--why didn't God stop it?*
Have I Served God in Vain?--when in doubt, God is faithful
The Big Picture--God can see the whole thing
Accepting Comfort--how do you respond to suffering and evil?
Need to Know Only--when we are face to face

Acts of God--don't doubt God's goodness


3 Ways to Comfort--how are your comfort skills?
Back Space--learn from your mistakes
Listen and Answer Carefully--what will you do?

Eating Your Words--how is your spiritual health?
Written Proof--you can't justify everything
God Hearts Us--relationship healing is good
No Longer Dead Men--just the way we are?
Danger, Death, Devotion--the cost of obedience to God

Feelin Good--God's standards or wrong standards*
The Crux of the Matter--why is the Cross so important to us?
The Crux of Sin: SELF--how does a "Cross-Carrier" think of self?
Not Merely the Messenger--Jesus is way more than just a messenger
TGIGF--see the good in Good Friday

Against the Odds--Mary Slessor gave her all in Africa
A Word, The Word--Hermeneutics is what?
What Do You Esteem?--greatness or goodness?
A Proverbial Mistake--don't misuse Proverbs
Don't Give Up--Lillian Trasher never quit

Bold Baby Steps--are you safe or dangerous?*

Hind Sight--God has a meaningful purpose for you

Wimp for the Gospel--hardships are temporary
Inherit--meekness can be good?

Have a Wordy Week!--wordiness or worldliness?*

Jeffersonian Christians--do you ignore Scripture?
What Makes an Expert--see Ephesians for expert advice
My Mother's Little Chair--happy mother's day

Christ's All-Volunteer Army--are you a volunteer for Christ?*

Teachers, Hearers, Doers--more than a teacher of the Word
The Pharisees Had High Self-Esteem--how do look at yourself?
Less, Not More--what path would you choose?

Intelligent Design--or accident of nature?*

Incompatible--Christianity and reincarnation?
Laugh Out Loud--lol at God's love?
Forever Debtors--God owes us?

Worldly Witness--are you salty?*

Name Them One by One--count your blessings
Protecting or Rejecting Error--false philosophies
Sight Unseen--are you adopted?

Work in Progress--any unfinished business?*

Sinking Ship--sharing the good news
Proven Fact--the atheist's arguement
Mr. Ed-- just a crutch!

You Can't--just how good are you?*
Be Your Own Thought Police--do you have negative thoughts?
I Had It All, But God Made Me a Better Offer--Ann B. Davis testimony
Foolish Reasoning--atheistic reasoning
I Never Told Her About Jesus--boldness to share the truth

We Can!--are you wasting your gifts?
Not a Minute to Spare--find time for God
2 Steps Older--grow up healthy
3 Ways to Discern God's Will--how to know
5 Ideas for Enhancing Your Bible Study--better Bible study

Believe It Or Not!--beliefs or preferences*
An Authority We Can Trust--what are your favorite authorities?
Have We Forgotten How to Blush?--are you desensitized?
Transformers--conforming is not the only way
The Big "C"--it may not be what you think

Conditional Belief--what is your view of the Bible?*

Forgive Me or Else!--how to know genuine repentance
Old Love Letters--not all love letters are equal
No Fear, No Sin--are you standin up on the inside?
The Book--presidents talk about the Bible

Stupid Prayers--are you confident of your prayers?*
Did I Tell You My Brother is a Songwriter?--God's family covers the world
Feet, Not Feelings--obedience can be true worship
Getting Past Our Past--how you can overcome your past
Hidden But Not Hidden--hiding God's Word in your heart

Key to Answered Prayer--our desires or God's desires*
Remembering--creating stones of rememberance
Not 21 Days--forming a habit
God's "Yes Men"--"yes faith" in a "no world"
No Laughing Matter--some things just are not funny

Beyond Understanding--do you really understand prayer?*
He Enjoys Us!--does God really enjoy me?
Creating an Appetite--what appetites are you feeding?
Salvation Changes Us--salvation changes our lives
Wrap Your Mind Around This One--why is it so hard to believe in God?

Think Again!--do you pray for the wrong things?*
Are You Uncomfortable With Mystery?--not everything can be known
Flawless!--the Word of God is true
Be Prepared: "Is Jesus the Only Way?"--are you comfortable with questions about your faith?

3 Verbs--Christian life: circumstances or God?

The Only Opinion--whose opinion do you trust?*
Why Do We Care?--we are made in His image
Prickly People--how to deal with difficult people
Be Prepared: "Why Push Your Faith On Others?"--do you share your faith?
Is There Something I Could Do?--hundreds of lives saved by one man

Soft-Core Christians--what do you watch?*
Why Is There Senseless Suffering?--is man or God to blame?
What Size Are You?--you can fool yourself or admit sin
Be Prepared: How can you trust the Bible when it was written by men?--the Word is truth
What Does He See in Us?--amazed He loves us

Stars In The Darkness--so what about your vocabulary?*
What Did They Do To Deserve This?--are you a "Job's friend"?
To the Moon and Back--communion on the moon?
Be Prepared: "Why not simply believe the words of Christ?"--confidence in the entire Bible
Stereotypes--seeing people as individuals

Sheer Delight--the key is God's Word*
If I Were God--arrogance is catching if you're not careful
Overcomers!--are you overwhelmed?
Be Prepared: "Why Can't All Religions Be True?"--Jesus, the only way
Have You Folded Any Socks Lately?--what's important to you is important to God

Cooing Babies--sweet music that drives Satan away*
What Happened To Our Attention Spans?--can you concentrate on the right things?
Psalm 10: Perfect Prayer--speak up with your prayers
Be Prepared: "Why did God create man with the ability to sin?"--robots can't love
Psalm 15: Who is "blameless?"--blameless doesn't mean perfect

Feeling Forgotten--finding peace in difficulty*
It Doesn't Get Better Than This--foretastes of heaven
All the Time!--God is faithful regardless of circumstances
Be Prepared: Why did God destroy entire nations?--look at God's truths
Psalm 16: Apart From God--good things can be meaningless

Sweet Sorrow--faith in the midst of trials*
A Half Full Faith--is the glass half full or half empty?
Psalm 27: My Heart Says "Yes!"--why do you pray?
Be Prepared: How can you take the Bible literally?--what do you mean "literally"?
What is Truth?--recognize truth when you see it

He Asked Questions--how we share Christ is important*
Would You Do It For Money?--the reason for reading the Bible regularly
Silly Myth--creation vs. evolution-they both take faith
Be Prepared: Why doesn't God stop evil?--put evil in context and perspective
No Excuses--contrition is a requirement

Living Dead Sea Scrolls--the Bible remains the same*
Distracted From Life--sit at His feet today

Psalm 18: Not The Man Upstairs--names worthy of God
Be Prepared: "Isn't the Bible a Mythological Book?"--miracles or myths?
No Confidence--believe in yourself or in God

Worth All 176 Verses--reading Psalm 119 is worth it*
Giving Up Our Agenda--are you a Mary or a Martha?
It Takes a Thief--don't let Satan steal your treasure
Be Prepared: Why are there so many Christian hypocrites?--not so fast
Salt Needed--contradictions in our thinking?

Chains--know your own "chains"*
Was it Simply Her Personality?--sitting at Jesus' feet
Peeling Back the Blessings of Life--God's blessings are like a banana
Be Prepared: What About Bible "Inconsistencies?"--could it be different perspectives?
Use Your Brain--and consider the source

Don't Fool Yourself--what can you work on?*
Extravagant Love--involves humility and sacrifice
An Offer We Can't Refuse--enjoy God's wonderful treasure
Be Prepared: What About People Who Never Hear the Gospel?--God does what is right
Warning Signals--don't drift away

A Good Bad Example--Cain's example warns us*
Logic versus Extravagance--follow Mary's example
Slip On Your Own Shoes--do you wish you were someone else?
My Desire--A Woman of the Word
Science Can't Deny It--unbelievers confirm Biblical truth

Full Life--route to abundant life*
Non-Cosmetic Changes--outward beauty versus inner beauty
Happily Ever After--what story is your life writing
Every Location--affect your sphere of influence
Unscripted--God uses the gifts He gave you

Backfired!--have no regrets*
Wrinkle Prevention--“Philippians 4:8,9 Therapy"
Rise and Shine--start your day on a sweet Jesus note
Good Theology--just like the faihful Bereans
Hearing Voices--which voice will you listen to?

Tangled Web--results of deception*
Light Within--let Christ's light shine
It Is Well With My Soul--comfort in Christ
Life in the Fast Lane--stay in the right lane

Living for the Moment--An important lesson from the life of Esau*

Easy Faith--easy choices versus Godly choices*
5 Ideas for Studying the Bible--make your study time count
5 Ways to Deal With Discouragement--remember, God is faithful
5 Things to Remember in Adversity--God cares-many ways
5 Roles Jesus Plays in Our Lives--how about a coffee date with Jesus?

5 Habits--are you a maturing Christian?*
Who's #1--are you taking the easy path?
Use' em, Don't Excuse' em--learn from your mistakes
Anti-Christian Extremist--don't let your past stop you
Goal Setters--deliberately look at where you are going

Content & Forgiving--start restoring a relationship*
Heart Medicine: A Smile--improve your looks
Avoid the Holiday Blahs--where Scripture and psychology meet?
5 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas--don't lose sight of the real meaning
The Heart of the Matter--relationship not religion

Calvin and Hobbes Christians--you can live by the letter of the message*
The Evolution of Patience--is patience disappearing?
Innocent Until Proven Guilty--when someone accuses another, check the facts
Blessed Christmas Day!--Merry Christmas and God bless
Rich or Poor - Stingy is the Same--generosity is a heart issue

5 Steps for Accurate Bible Study--how to get it right
Beauty Treatment-Plastic of Pure--inner beauty versus outer beauty
Good and Wrong--where do your values come from?

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