"I Quit!"

Quitting, Jesus didn't quit, perservere, Luke 22:41-44
“I Quit!”   

Ever thought it? Said it? Did it?

I have.

Sometimes things just get so hard, so messy, so confusing. Sometimes it seems like God isn’t reigning in our lives, our world, or even in heaven. 

When I can't see God’s hand in life's problems, I feel like quitting. I feel like He's asking the “impossible” of me.

Then I think of Jesus.

He felt and thought of quitting. He even talked with His Father about it: “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me.”

But He didn't stop there. He went on to say:
yet not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22:41-44

He didn’t quit but chose to bring life, clarity, truth, and hope.

He didn’t quit and I was saved…and so were you.

I’m so glad He didn’t quit. I’m so glad He chose to do God’s will.

Are you going through something “impossible” right now?
Choose to do God's will. 
Don’t quit.

Mark 14:36 in quotes.

Read this week's marriage post "Love Hormone." and see how marvelously God has designed our bodies and our souls. 
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  1. Hi Gail - Had to make that choice recently. Amazing how when you do, God gives you the strength to carry on. Great reminder
    God bless

    1. It's a reminder for me as well, Tracy. Always blessed to read your posts and your comments. : )

  2. You do not know how much I needed to read this today! Sometimes it seems like "life" happens all at once and then there is too much to think about. My brain is just not large enough to be able to handle all the thoughts, feelings, decisions, temptations, negativity all at once and I do feel like quitting. Thanks for the encouragement, Gail! Love your wisdom and insight!

    1. So glad this devotion met you where you are today, Brenda. I wrote it because I also need this reminder. Know what you mean. Bless you, dear friend.

  3. Man, I read that post at just the right time!

  4. I feel like this a lot! Thanks for the inspiring post! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments!

  5. This is so true, but it's not always easy to do.

  6. So encouraging! Good words for me to read this morning. Thank you for allowing God to guide your writing.


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