Plan C

God often waits until the last minute to reveal his plans
True story: God gave a woman a vision of the house she should buy when she moved. She drew a picture of it and found it for sale in her new location.

If we're good Christians, God will always tell us His plan ahead of time like this. Right?


The Apostle Paul (definitely a good Christian) didn't always know ahead of time where God was sending him. See Acts 16:6-10 for one example.

Obviously, God has reasons for waiting to reveal His plans, sometimes at the last moment.

And one reason is our limited view of circumstances. We often see only a plan A and B when God's best plan--plan C--may be waiting right around the corner.

Waiting may test our faith, but it will also strengthen it.

If you'd like to work a short Bible study on this devotion, check out Plan C Bite Size Bible Study.


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  1. Gail, how could you have been reading my journal when you're in Hungary and I'm in the U.S.? Of course that's just my way of saying that once again you have delivered God's truth in a timely way to my life. So grateful for you, your faithfulness to your Bible Love Note ministry, and your friendship!


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