Walking, Standing, and Finally Sitting

Psalm 1 talks about the power of evil in our lives and how we can stand firm.

When Christians compromise or remain silent about biblical issues, we give power to Satan and his plans and purposes.
Psalm 1:1 poetically explains the progression of walking, standing, and finally sitting in the counsel of evil.

With this in mind, let me ask a few questions. 

Suppose the government enacted a law setting up government-approved facilities where parents could bring problem children under six to be killed. Perhaps these children were too expensive to care for, had handicaps, or interfered with parents' lifestyles. 

Would you decide to pray and boldly speak out against it, doing all you could to get it overturned, or would you:

1. Decide it was better to have children killed in government-approved facilities so that parents don't have to resort to illegal killing facilities.

2. Claim that people who were focused on overturning the law were only interested in the needs of children and not the needs of the parents.

3. Realize that we can't change the law so we should just try to change the hearts of parents who want to kill their children.

4. Quote a scientific report showing that children under six aren't fully human. 

Sounds absurd, doesn't it!? But I have heard Christians use all of these excuses when it comes to abortion, and the only difference is the age of the child being killed.

Psalm 1 talks about the power of evil in our lives and how we can stand firm.If you are making any of these excuses, you are walking with people who mock God's design. You can keep going and choose to eventually sit down with them—but I hope you will walk away instead.

Now, more than ever, Christians need to stand with the Lord. 


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  1. You are so right. I hear these excuses from many people. Thank you for this post. My friends and I make baby items for new Mothers. One place I lived, I made baby demise robes so that parents could bury their baby. These were very early in their pregnancy. The head of nursing in that unit came to us because she wanted to be able to help the parents in their grief. After the 1st year of making baby demise robes, she met with us and showed us the pictures she took of the babies. I was overwhelmed by the pictures. If people could see these pictures, they would change their veiws. Sadly she was replaced by someone else by the new head of the hospital, who didn't think it was necessary. My heartbreaks for these Mothers and Fathers. If people could see the actual pictures, perhaps they would see that babies are not blobs in the womb.

    1. Thanks, Betty, for sharing your insights and experiences. Our culture has propagandized the issue of abortion claiming it's a "right" when it's actually a tragic evil.

  2. A painful subject. The worst of many awful things that are being accepted by Christians. So hard.

    1. I agree, Herbie.
      I'm sad for the moms who so often don't fully understand how deeply it will affect them, and sad for the little lives lost, and sad for our country.