It's Not for the Money

This post offers some background on the author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for Life.
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Dear Bible Love Notes readers, 

I want to share why it's important to me that my book, Wisdom for Life, does well.

1. It's not for the money.

I get 13.5% of the wholesale price for each book sold, and I can honestly say that's not my motive in wanting this book to do well. Let me share some of my personal life to help make this point:

My husband retired from the Army twenty-eight years ago, and instead of choosing a second career, we chose to live on my husband's retirement and focus on Christian ministry. For most of those twenty-eight years, we've done unpaid volunteer Christian work in Budapest, Hungary, with ITEC in Florida, and now with military families in Kansas. If you'd like to know a few more facts about our lives, check out my bio page: Gail. And I share some of the hard things in my life in Why Gail Has Written 1-Minute Devotions for Eleven Years. I also share the wonderful way God brought about the publishing of Wisdom for Life in A Bible Love Notes Book in 2023.

When we started Bible Love Notes, my husband and I decided to cover the expenses so no one had to deal with pop-up ads or requests for money. 

2. I'm motivated by a love for God's Word.

It has always been my prayer that both Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for Life will draw people closer to the Lord and give them a deeper love for His Word. I absolutely love keeping Bible Love Notes up and going, even though I end up spending 40-50 hours a week doing ministry. Pretty good for a 71-year-old, I think! 😊

3. I'm motivated by the ministry opportunities. 

God has laid so many things on my heart. If Wisdom for Life does well, I'll have the opportunity to write other books. 

So please pray that it does well, and please pray about ordering a copy for yourself or your friends and family. And after you read it, please leave a review on the site where you purchased it! I'd love to hear your feedback.

I also spent many hours preparing two free Bible studies as giveaways with book orders. I told you that sharing God's Word is my most important desire! 😊 They can be downloaded with proof of purchase at Wisdom for Life Devotional. And you can order Wisdom for Life at many sites, but here are a few:

A wonderful Devotional based on Psalms and Proverbs.


Click "Look Inside" to read the first four devotions on Lifeway.


Click "Read sample" to read the first four devotions on Amazon. 

Christian Book

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In Canada:  
You can special order the book in South Africa at these distributors:
You can special order the book in the Philippines: CLC
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God bless you and thank you!!  Gail



This post offers some background on the author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for Life.

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