Our Need for Repentance

Below are Bible Love Notes about the subject of Repentance. Repentance is essential for salvation and essential for our growth in Christ.


When Being Crushed is a Good Thing

6 Aspects of Godly Sorrow

God is Faithful and Just to Forgive Our Sins – 1 John 1:9

4 Things that Happen when we Fail to Repent

Anatomy of Insincere Repentance

God Does Not Save Unrepentant People

Shame, Guilt, Conviction

There’s a World of Difference Between Forgiving And Excusing Sin – 1 John 1:8-9

6 Characteristics of Sincere Repentance

Rejecting Cheap Grace

Facts or Feelings

Joseph's Brothers Never Genuinely Repented

There’s No Such Thing As Good Sins

Make No Mistake

When Down is Up – Heartfelt Repentance – James 4:9-10

The True Gospel Makes Us Sad Before It Makes Us Happy

Written Proof

God is Faithful and Just to Forgive Our Sins – 1 John 1:9

Use ‘em, Don’t Excuse ‘em

Purity and Prayer

Loving Relationships Require Repentance

Repent & Re-priortize – King David’s Key to a Healthy Faith

A Cleaning Principle that Applies to Our Spirits

What To Do When We Blow It


Rock Your World!

Things that Make Me Sad—Cain

Clay or Gold?

Does God Hold His Nose?

No Regrets?

Strength, Not Weakness

How to say “I’m Sorry”


He “Apologized” for his Affair But Didn’t Mean It

De-Clutter and Refresh – Experiencing God’s Wondeful Forgivness!

Shame, Guilt, Conviction

4 Obstacles to Discipleship

Let’s Get To Work!

The Pharisees Had High Self-Esteem

Rock Your World!

Cheap Grace

4 Things King David and Tiger Woods Had in Common

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