Sin and Repentance Are Key Ingredients in the Gospel -Matthew 4:17

Jesus died for sins, the Gospel is about sin and redemption, sin is a necessary part of the Gospel
We can't share Christ without explaining our our personal sin and our need for a Savior ...

Recently I read an article identifying Christ-like behavior versus Pharisee-like behavior. It Identified Christ-like believers as being more interested in helping people understand God's love than understand their sin.*

But that really isn't possible.

The greatest act of love in all of history was Christ giving His life for our sins.Without understanding our sin, we'll miss the depth of His sacrifice.

Sin and repentance are essential elements of the Gospel.

Matthew 4:17 says Jesus preached, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near." And in Luke 24:46-47 He explained we should preach "repentance for the forgiveness of sins."

The Gospel message is not "feel good about yourself because God loves you." The Gospel is "realize that your sins hung Jesus on the cross. Repent and turn to Jesus. His love is incredible." 

If we don't help people understand their sin, we aren't helping them understand the greatness of our God. 

* The specific statement: "It is more important to help people know God is for them than to make sure they know they are sinners." I typically appreciate the Barna Group findings, but I don't feel this study clearly defined Christ-like behavior. 


  1. Very true. That is what the commandments do. Like Paul said (in summary), they tell us of our need for a Savior.

  2. Oh I totally agree. This statement in particular "Without understanding our sin, we'll miss the depth of His sacrifice", is SO weighty.

  3. Very good devotional. I just heard someone on tv, this morning, say that the gospel is that Jesus died for all people.... that's it. There was no mention of sin or repentance. The sad part is that not only do people not recognize the greatness of our God and His love, but they also have no salvation and no hope.......Linda E.


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