Does God Hold His Nose?

This is not the man I describe, but one in similar condition
He’s always sitting on a park bench. 

And no matter how hot it is, he’s wearing an enormous parka. 

I have to hold my breath when I walk past—the stench of urine, alcohol, mud and excrement gags me otherwise. 

I pray for him and wonder if I would venture closer if I could speak his language. 

When I read 1 Samuel 16:7 yesterday, I thought of him. 

“People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (NIV) 

I’m not assuming that this man has a good heart…he may not. But those of us who pass him by, looking clean and presentable, may not either. Perhaps we’re covered with the odors of self-righteousness, greed, immorality, hatred, and jealousy. 

So today I’m asking God to examine my heart and show me what makes Him hold his nose when I pass by. May we be sweet smelling to our Lord! 

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  1. Oh my Gail, well written indeed my friend. Thanks for sharing and may we all take a page out of this post.

    God bless!

  2. It is so good yet scary that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves- our thoughts, intentions, and our heart. And that He still loves us! Yes Gail, with His guidance may we smell sweet!

    ~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker

  3. Gail, Just got your message about wanting to ad your hop to the directory. I would love to ad you myself but I can't. PassionFruit uploads the image. Just click here

    Pick the day of the week your hop is and add the code for a free hop. Hope this makes sense. Email me if you have any questions

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Gail, thanks for your last little note to me. I hope you had a great weekend that was all about Jesus. I love the above post! I look at that picture and know that God loves that man just as much as He loves me. Reach out to him cause Jesus would. Talk to you soon. Oh and I have a prayer request. My husband will be traveling to the Dominican Republic & Haiti June 4th for Jesus to be His voice, hands & feet.


  5. Thanks, Amanda. And yes, I pray that your husband will be used mightily by God on this trip and come back blessed by all that God has taught him and confident that he's done God's will and blessed others. And I pray that all will go smoothly for you while he is away.God bless you, my friend.

  6. Hi Gail - this is the second post i have read this evening cautioning me to examine my heart. maybe the Lord is speaking to me....
    Great post
    God bless


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