4 Obstacles to Discipleship

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According to extensive Barna studies, self-identified evangelical Christians face 4 obstacles to spiritual growth/discipleship.

1. Commitment
Only 18% admit they’re committed to their spiritual growth.

2. Repentance
Few admit to being deeply sorry for their sins.

3. Activity
Most confuse church activity with spiritual depth.

4. Spiritual Community
Few are involved in relationships that hold them accountable.

I’ve searched my soul and found I’m weak in some areas listed above. What about you?

If we want our world impacted by Christ, we need to be:
  • Determined and deliberate about becoming more like Christ.
  • Aware of how our sins separate us from God’s purposes.
  • More concerned with overcoming our sins that participating in church programs.
  • Invested in the lives of others who will also invest in our lives.
Please join me in praying through these obstacles and taking steps to overcome them.

In the 1-minute devotion "Let's Get to Work!" I share some practical ways to achieve these goals so we can obey Christ's important command in Matthew 28:19-20.
4 Aspects of Spiritual Growth

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  1. Thank you for these good reminders. We can go along and forget where we are heading.

  2. I thought as I grew older it all would get easier but it hasn't. There is still work to do :)

  3. #4 is actually the reason my husband and I renewed our vows. Is there anyway we can make sure every Christian in America reads this and takes it to heart Gail? :-)
    Good review.


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