There's No Such Thing As Good Sins

There's No Such Thing as "Good Sins" - from an overheard conversation

The college-aged woman was talking so loudly that I couldn't help hearing her at the restaurant table next to mine.

"I know I did the wrong thing, but it's good. It showed me I'm just like everyone else at the church. I'm not perfect." 

Her sin was significant, but she went on another five minutes talking about it without expressing any genuine sorrow.

I think she represents all of us at times, but I'm especially concerned about the prevalence of her attitude in the modern Church.

We've failed to grasp God's attitude toward sin. 

Sin "rusts" our souls, sears our consciences, and damages our hearts. Most importantly, it damages our relationship with God (Isaiah 59:2).

The Bible says:
  • Our sins should make us feel miserable (James 4:8-10).
  • Refusal to confess sin is like slapping God in the face and emptying our heart of His Word (1 John 1:8-10).
Faith in Jesus leads to godliness, not permissiveness (Titus 1:1).

Even if you don't usually do the Bite Size Bible studies on Monday, I encourage you to do this one. It gives a Biblical example of insincere repentance that serves as a warning and helps us understand sincere repentance better. Check it out HERE.

There's No Such Thing as "Good Sins" - from an overheard conversation


  1. Hi Gail, great point. Focusing on a wrong and then not acknowledging and repenting from it is sad and I am sure I do this too. Great encouragement to dig a little deeper and get on our knees before our Lord.
    God bless

  2. This is so good. I've been thinking and writing about repentance myself this week in relation to our sanctification. There are no "little sins." Either we're sinning or we're not.

    Do we even have a clue how completely holy God is? I'm stopping right now to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" and pausing at the words -- "only thou art holy; there is none beside thee, perfect in power, in love and purity." Perfect holiness. And yet we dare to excuse our sins before Him. We need to remember the reason for the cross.

    I'm also thinking about the angels in Revelation who proclaim God's holiness - and so shall we someday when we are completely glorified and like our Jesus, because we will see Him as He is (1 John 3:2-3). With that hope in our hearts, we need to purify ourselves, even as Jesus is pure.

    Thank you another opportunity to "think straight" about the truth, Gail.


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