Short Devotions About the 10 Commandments

A collection of 1-minute devotions addressing each of the Ten Commandments with additional insights.

This collection offers short 1-minute devotions about God's 10 Commandments. It works well for both individual or group study. Enjoy!

God’s Love is Unreasonable 

Yes! God is completely unreasonable. But before you start to defend Him, read this 1-minute devotion.

Do Old Testament Laws Apply to Us Today? 

An easy answer to a complex question. This 1-minute devotion helps you determine which laws apply to us.

What Makes You Obey? 

What motivates your obedience to Christ. This 1-minute devotion addresses that important question.

Fingers in the Flames 

Do you know what it means to have God pull our fingers from the flames? This 1-minute devotion explains.

The Biggest of the Big Ten: God’s First Commandment 

If you think you've obeyed all the 10 Commandments, you've misunderstood the first one. This 1-minute devotion explains.

American Idols: God's Second Commandment 

We sometimes misunderstand idolatry. In fact, there's one idol that many Christians still worship. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Who Said It's Just a Cuss Word? God’s Third Commandment 

We can violate the Third Commandment even if we never cuss. This 1-minute devotion gives examples of other vain uses of God's name. 

God Loves a Party: God’s Fourth Commandment 

Christians don’t all agree about Sabbath observances, but this 1-minute devotion shares truths about the Sabbath that everyone can appreciate.

Underestimated Command: God’s Fifth Commandment 

Perhaps this command is the most underestimated of God's commands and we are seeing the results in our culture.

If Looks Could Kill: God’s Sixth Commandment 

Matthew 5:22 talks about a form of murder we all have committed. Before you claim you've never murdered anyone, check out this 1-minute devotion.

What’s Love Got to do with It? God’s Seventh Commandment

We can learn some valuable lessons from the sexual sin of King David. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

Why I Don’t Steal: God’s Eighth Commandment 

This 1-minute devotion explains why I don't steal. Why don't you steal? Or maybe you do steal. Check out this devotion either way

Little Boy Who Cried Wolf: God’s Ninth Commandment 

The story of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” has a great scriptural application. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Thou Shalt Covet: Quit Mocking God’s Tenth Commandment 

Coveting is not a word we use much in our modern culture, but it's worth understanding and avoiding.

Why God Says Two Equals Ten: The Two Greatest Commands 

In Scripture, Jesus tells us that in one area of our lives 2=10. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

A collection of 1-minute devotions addressing each of the Ten Commandments with additional insights.

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