Reckless Abandon - C.T. Studd Boldly Obeys

Reckless Abandon, C.T. Studd missionary pineer
C.T. Studd, former British cricket star, boldly lives his faith but carefully respects his mother...
Reckless abandon might best describe the life of C.T. Studd, who served Christ in the perilous frontiers of China, India, and Africa more than 100 years ago. 

Nothing dampened Studd's evangelistic fervor, not illness, separation from family, or cannibalistic tribes. And he was as outspoken as he was courageous. 

Yet there was a tenderness to his fervor. When he'd made up his mind to go to China and his mother opposed his decision, he showed respect for her and God's 5th Commandment. 

He didn't back down, but he wrote many loving letters to his mother until she accepted his decision. 

For example: "Mother dear, I do pray God to show you that it is such a privilege to give up a child to be used of God..."

If you feel like your parents don't understand your faith, resist the temptation to become self-righteous. Instead, take a cue from Studd, and continue to treat them with love and respect. Whether they come around or not, you'll be pleasing the Lord.
Source: C.T. Studd, No Retreat, Janet and Goeff Benge

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