Do You Believe God Means What He Says?

Bottom Line: You Can't Honor God While Dishonoring Your Parents

Some Christians honor ungodly parents.

And some Christians dishonor godly parents.

Each adult child makes their choice to show interest or disinterest, kindness or harshness, forgiveness or bitterness, respect or disrespect, honor or dishonor toward their parents. 

People who honor their parents:

1. Understand God chose their parents (Isaiah 44:24).

2. Trust God to use their parents’ sins and failures for good purposes in their lives (Romans 8:28; 1 Peter 2:19; Genesis 50:20).

3. Let God judge their parents (Romans 12:19; Genesis 50:19-20).

If their parents were bad examples, they choose to return good for bad out of love for God (Romans 12:17-21).

Our parents aren't responsible for our adult attitudes and actions (Ezekiel 18).  We can rise above the worst of circumstances like Joseph with his brothers or we can make a mess of our blessings like Absalom with his father. 

Those who choose to dishonor their parents don't really believe God means what He says (Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:2-3).

Please reflect on these Scriptures and take God at His Word.
I write frequently about this subject because there is an epidemic of dishonor for parents despite the fact that all of Scripture emphasizes this command. Please see my Honoring Parents archive of 1-minute devotions if you'd like to improve your attitude toward your parents. God promises well-being for those who seek to honor their parents. 

Note: Children who have been physically or sexually abused by parents must seek godly Christian counsel in handling their adult relationship with their parents. 

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Bottom Line: You Can't Honor God While Dishonoring Your Parents


  1. My parents were drug addicts (and drug dealers) and both died from their addictions. They were both completely disinterested in being parents (which they would have readily acknowledged if one had asked them), so I basically raised myself. BUT, I am so profoundly grateful that they had me. So blessed that they brought me into this world, and allowed me to exist rather than aborting me. I love my life, even the unpleasant parts, and I have an amazing husband and three loving children. My parents, now deceased, will always have my respect and love not for what they failed to do, but for what they did DESPITE their failings. Life is a gift.

  2. You're right. years ago I wrote a book about this: Respectfully Yours. It is about honoring your parents, based on Ephesians 6:1-4. it also came out in Dutch :)