Resurrection Sunday Blessings!

A collection of 1-minute devotions to prepare your heart for Easter. Read them in your quiet time or read them together at family meals. #Devotions

Today, on Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday), I'm purposely breaking my 5-day-a-week devotion schedule to publish a list of 1-minute devotions about Christ's death and resurrection. Since so many of us are homebound with the Covid-19 Crisis, I thought it might be nice to have some extra reminders of the most important event in the life of every Christian: Easter Sunday.


Events Leading up to His Crucifixion:

Keeping Watch with Jesus
Before his death, Jesus asked the disciples to do something and they refused. He asks us to do it now. Will we refuse too?

So Many Stories in Matthew 27
This is such a wonderful proof that "God is in the details." Enjoy these stories...and they only take 1 minute to read!

Jesus Understands Your Pain
When feeling rejected, mocked, abused, or lonely, you can be assured of this wonderful truth about Jesus.

Not Merely the Messenger 
This 1-minute devotion will inspire you with an interesting look at the depth of Christ's purpose and meaning in our world and in our lives. 

Remembering Christ's Sacrifice 
This short devotion offers a unique way to remember Christ's death.

Devotions About the Events of Good Friday:

A collection of 1-minute devotions to prepare your heart for Easter. Read them in your quiet time or read them together at family meals. #Devotions
My Favorite Friday
Here are some wonderful thoughts to ponder about Good Friday. Be challenged and inspired!

Why do we call it "Good Friday" when our Lord was brutally murdered on this day in history? This 1-minute devotion explains why. Be inspired and know that you are loved!
What Christ’s Promise to the Thief Revealed
Take 1 minute to read this devotion and enjoy some wondrous facts about the thief on the cross.

God Forsaking God?
When I was a new Christian, I read this Scripture and I was troubled…until I discovered what it meant about Christ’s love.

Christ’s 7 Final Statements
It's well worth 1 minute of your time to examine these 7 final statements of Christ—they tell us so much!

3 Incredible Words
These 3 words changed your destiny and mine. Do you know what they are? 

Nothing Could be More Central
This 1-minute devotion shares some wonderful truths and interesting facts about the most wonderful event in all of history. 

Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ's Death and Resurrection: 

An Incredible Prophecy of Christ’s Death
May this Old Testament "clue" about Christ's coming deepen your appreciation for our supernatural God. He left so many clues to prove He is our Savior!
Precious Predictions of Christ
Be inspired by this 1-minute devotion that looks at the prophetic 22nd psalm. Wow! 

Hisses and Whispers
God gives His first clue about Jesus on the battlefield of mankind's defeat. A 1-minute devotion to encourage us! 

Prophetic Whispers
Take a look at a few of the "clues" God placed in the Old Testament to tell us about the coming Messiah, Jesus. 

Passover Whispers
Read about 3 ways the Passover foretells the coming of Christ. 

An Additional Devotion Celebrating Christ's Redemption:

The Story Behind the "Old Rugged Cross" Hymn 
Enjoy the story behind these wonderful lyrics that have inspired Christians for over 100 years.

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