T.G.I.G.F. - Thank God It's Good Friday

TGIGF, Good Friday, TGIF, For us
Christ's incredible sacrifice on Good Friday...
For thousands of years, one Friday has been called “Good” above all others. 

What's so good about Good Friday?
  • Soldiers flogged an innocent man with bits of bone and metal attached to leather straps until he was hardly recognizable as a man (Isaiah 52:14).
  • They mocked him and stuck large thorns into his bleeding scalp.
  • They forced him to carry a 90-pound wooden cross against his torn flesh.
  • They drove 6 inch nails into his wrists and feet and hung him on a cross.
  • He had to inch his torn flesh up the splintered cross to catch each breath...for six hours…until He died.
And why are these horrible things good?
Jesus did this for you and me…died for your sins and mine…gave us our only escape from death and hell.
Good Friday, Why it's Called Good Friday, Christ's Redemption
J.J. Tissot, Bible Picture Gallery

"Good" cannot begin to describe the wonder of Good Friday.
Let’s rejoice in that wonder! T.G.I.G.F.

The story of Good Friday is in Matthew 27:26-56.
This Bible Love Note was first posted on Good Friday 2012. For those who have been my subscribers that long, I hope you enjoyed it a second time. God Bless you!

I hope your Easter celebration will continue throughout the year!

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