No More Whispering

Whispers of God, Prophecy of God,
God whispered about the coming Deliverer throughout the pages of the Old Testament.

He was preparing us for Jesus, who would one day speak these words from the cross:"It is finished." 

These three words are rich with meaning. In the original language they are similar to the accounting term "paid in full." And it was our debt that was paid, not Christ's.

On the day we call "Good Friday," we celebrate a gruesome act of suffering and the most sacred act of love in all of history. 

As we face the challenges of each new day, may our thoughts, words and heart focus on those final words Christ spoke from the cross.

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  1. Hello Gail, Your blogs are such a powerful teaching. Love the ministry you share.
    I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family from me and mine! :)

  3. The days leading up to Easter have been more meaningful to me. Happy Easter Gail!!


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