My Favorite Friday

My Favorite Friday - The Wonderful Joy of Good Friday
My favorite Friday is an incredibly sad day. 

It reveals the sin of mankind - including my sin. 

It reveals the extent mankind will go to try to kill Truth, genuine Love, righteousness, purity, and purpose - and the extent I went to avoid, shun, and misunderstand God's truth present in my life from birth.

It's also an incredibly precious, purposeful, positive, profound Friday. 

It reveals mankind's escape from sin and death - my escape from sin and death. 

It reveals the extent a Loving God will go to redeem ugly, hateful, evil, callous mankind - that's me.

Good Friday isn't a good enough name for this day in history.

No superlatives can describe it.

And it's followed by a Sunday I also don't deserve, a Sunday that means I will one day see my Jesus face-to-face (1 Corinthians 13:12) and see the only wounds that will remain in eternity - His wounds that saved my soul (John 20:24-29).

I don't deserve this Friday, but it's mine! I can't earn this Friday; it's His gift.
copyright, Gail Burton Purath, 

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My Favorite Friday - The Wonderful Joy of Good Friday


  1. Great post, I'll share! Have a blessed Easter.

  2. Yes, what a great salvation! Today is an opportunity to reflect and appreciate all He did to purchase it.


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