So Many God Stories in Matthew 27

So Many Wonderful, Intriguing God Stories in Matthew 27

I love stories about God’s intervention in people’s lives, whether dramatic or simple. 

I imagine we’ll hear some wonderful stories in heaven. 

For example:

1. Did Pilate’s wife, who had a dream about Christ’s innocence, later give her life to Him? Matthew 27:19

2. How many who yelled “Crucify Him! His blood is on us and on our children!” later were saved by that precious blood? Matthew 27:25

3. How many soldiers who fell to their knees mocking Jesus later fell to their knees proclaiming Him Savior? Matthew 27:29 

4. How many who beat and crucified Christ later were healed by His stripes and forgiven by His crucifixion? Verse 54 gives a hint.

5. Barabbas was pardoned instead of Christ. Did he ever accept Christ's eternal pardon? Matthew 27:16-26

6. Simon of Cyrene took up Christ’s cross and followed Him on the road to Golgotha. Did he ever take up his Cross and follow Christ spiritually? Matthew 27:32

A single day in history, a single chapter in Scripture, and so many God stories that will one day thrill our hearts.
If you'd like to study these passages with the full text, check out today's Bite Size Bible Study.
Have you recognized the foreshadowing of Christ in the person of Moses? 

This 1-minute devotion gives a glimpse: Prophetic Whispers.

So Many Wonderful, Intriguing God Stories in Matthew 27

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  1. Simon of Cyrene almost certainly became a Christian. Paul mentions his son Rufus and Rufus'e mother as a mother to him. I think it is in Romans.


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