Passover Whispers

Passover, Christ the Passover Lamb
C.F. Vos, Bible Picture Gallery
Most Jews, who celebrate the Passover,* have no idea it has Christ written all over it. 

The Passover required that each family kill and eat a lamb without defect. Then they were to smear the blood of that lamb on the door frames of their houses. 
  • They had to believe the blood would save them--it was an act of faith to smear it on their door-frames. 
  • It was one of many examples God gave that forgiveness of sins requires the shedding of blood (Hebrews 9:22 & Leviticus 17:11).
  • It was the 10th plague, the fulfillment of God's plan to rescue His people from Egyptian slavery. No further proof of His power over life and death was needed.**
Jesus is our Passover lamb, slain for our deliverance from sin. He's the fulfillment of God's plan to rescue mankind from sin. Confidently we smear His precious blood on the door-frames of our hearts. And confidently this Sunday we celebrate our deliverance.
*March 25-April 2 in 2013 
** There is reason to believe that some Egyptians did believe and came with the Israelites when they left. Exodus 12:37-38. However, some of these Egyptians may have been part of the complainers on the trip.

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