6 Ways To Use A Written Testimony

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Sometimes we think we have “Boring Testimonies,” but God uses each of our testimonies for His purposes. 

It's helpful for all of us (even non-writer types) to write down our testimony. 

Writing it helps us think through our conversion experience and prepares us to share it with others in a more effective way. 

You might start by sharing it with friends and family who can honestly critique it and help you improve it. 

Then consider using it one of these ways:

1.  Blog it: Share it on your blog or offer it as a guest post on a blog that takes submissions. I recommend you keep it to 500 words and include photos.

2. Share it: Ask your Bible study or small group leader if you can share it with the group.

3. Tract it: Make it into a tract to leave with a generous tip at restaurants when you eat out. Several years ago, I made a tract called “Can a Simple Misunderstanding Keep You From Heaven.”  

4. Record it: Make a voice tape to share on your blog or YouTube. Wouldn't it be sweet if future generations of your family could hear it after you're with Jesus? My mom made a voice tape of her testimony, and we played it at her funeral. I want to do this too.

5. Journal it: Make a written record to share with others and leave for posterity. 

6. Kill 2 Birds: Give it to unsaved friends or relatives to critique. This is an easy way to witness, but don't do it dishonestly. Sincerely seek their advice:
  •   From their perspective, is your story understandable, well-written, and concise. Have you left out details that would help or included too many details? 
  •   Your unsaved friends can also help you identify "Christianese": words and phrases familiar in Christian circles that are not understandable to unbelievers. Things like "power of the blood," "covered in the blood," "sanctified," "saved," etc.
Now, I’d love to hear your ideas. How have you used your written testimony? How have you seen others use theirs?  
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  1. These are wonderful suggestions, Gail. I will definitely use them. My suggestion is to submit your written testimony to your denominational magazine or perhaps your church newsletter. Wouldn't a monthly column of testimonies be refreshing to read in a newsletter? I wrote my testimony and sent it to Decision Magazine and they published it, so we never know where the Lord might decide to use our witness.

    1. Great idea and congratulations on getting your testimony in such a great publication. You'll never know how many you touched through that written testimony. Thanks for sharing this idea and 'testimony.' : )

  2. I love #4 and I love that you played it at her funeral. What a precious experience that must have been for all who heard it.

    I have shared mine with young children, and that is always an experience because you really learn to just simplify it and cut to the chase, so to speak, and the fact that we all just need Jesus!

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday today!

  3. Thank you for this post. What a wonderful idea.

  4. I hae put this on my "To Do" list. My testimony was recored at church and I have it on CD but I do not have it written. It is a 'boring testimony' but since it is boring, this is what I did: I told it using colored hearts to illustrate for the children listening how I got saved from hearing the same story.

  5. Writing my testimony has been on my "to do list" longer than I care to admit. Thank you for the link with your 6 guidelines! I promise, before you, our Lord and your followers, that it will be done... before next Wednesday.
    THANK YOU!!!!

    1. I pray God will give you wisdom and perseverance in this endeavor.
      God bless you!


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