It's Critically Important to Prepare Our Minds to Share Christ - 1 Peter 1:13

deliberate evangelism
Christian moms and business-people often have bigger challenges than missionaries in sharing Christ.*

That’s because people are usually curious about language and customs different than their own. For example, when I lived in Budapest, the fact that I was a native English-speaker attracted non-Christian Hungarians to my translated Bible seminars.

And people in vocational Christian work in the U.S. have some advantage too because their faith is part of their job description and people expect them to be more vocal about it.

But most Christians don’t have these advantages, and it’s sometimes hard to witness on our home turf (Mark 6:4).

How can we overcome these challenges?
By being deliberate and prepared. 

“Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.” 1 Peter 1:13

So, if you ever feel like I do--that witnessing seems awkward and unnatural at times--rejoice! We can do something about it. 

Here's a devotion that will give you a good start: Are You Ready?

* This isn’t true for missionaries in countries where sharing Christ is prohibited, such as those in the 10/40 window. These missionaries usually are called “tent makers” because they must enter the country with another vocation, and they have the additional challenge of prohibitive laws and anti-Christian sentiments.

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  1. Yes, it can be intimidating to share when it's not part of our "job" or we're not prepared for it. So you're right, we NEED to be prepared, which is Scriptural!

    We should always be prepared to share the hope that is in us, just as the Bible says. We can do something about it, pray for opportunities and then look for them!

    Also, just wanted you to know that the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is up and ready for you to link up your posts this week. Thank you for participating last week! Can't wait to read what you have to say this week!

  2. found you on the Mom Initiative Link up and I am so very glad I did. ! minute devotions. Something I can do while I am waiting for my coffee to brew. I think its the only time the kids do not bother me in the morning. I am making my coffee and picking up the kitchen, I wish my coffee brewed faster .. but its a quiet moment so maybe not!

    Life in my Rubber Boots

  3. This is so true, my father recently got back from the Dominican Republic and the churches he preached at were PACKED because American Missionaries were coming.

  4. So true! I think that when we're here at home, people are living in their own home routines and aren't as open to hearing about Christ. I have a friend who tries very hard to share the gospel with people at her work, and the ways she prepares to meet them where they are inspire me.

  5. My
    pastor's message this past Sunday was "at the cross". I feel like I was given the gift of the perfect jumping off point for any conversations about my Lord.


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