Christ Didn't Ask Us To Make Converts....

Christ Did Not Command Us to Make Converts. Do You Know What He Commanded?

Did you know that evangelizing thousands of people each year doesn't produce as many active Christians as discipling one person each year? 

That's because most people who have salvation experiences in large groups never seek discipleship and never grow.* 

Therefore, they never fulfill their potential and never evangelize or disciple others.

But when someone is discipled in God's Word for a year, they're equipped to evangelize and disciple others. 

Discipleship yields quality which leads to quantity. It's a multiplication process instead of simple addition. 

But methods and stats don't matter as much as faithfulness. 

So let me get personal: What plans do you have for this upcoming year? How do you plan to grow and/or help others grow in Christ?

Will you join me in praying that God will make us: 
♥ Faithful in sharing the Gospel and discipling those He places in our path. 
♥ Deliberate about our personal growth in Christ. 

Jesus told us to make disciples, not converts (Matthew 28:18-20)
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Christ Did Not Command Us to Make Converts. Do You Know What He Commanded?


  1. I want to be intentional in absorbing God's word and having courage to follow Him in all areas of my life! I've put together some "focus" verses to meditate on, but will also be listening to Him and actively seeking to grow in my faith!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. I also want to be more intentional, Joan. I like your idea about mediating on "focus" verses. I always benefits from that type of thing. You're spurring me on to do the same.


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