"Boring" Testimonies

"Boring Testimonies" and how God can use them

God uses everyone's testimony... 

My testimony is pretty boring.

But less dramatic testimonies are as important as dramatic ones

They prove that ordinary people need Jesus as much as drug addicts and criminals do.

That's why all of us should “prepare” a testimony (1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 3:15) so we can be effective when opportunities arise (Ephesians 5:15-17).

Preparation doesn't replace the work of the Holy Spirit in evangelism, but it supports it.

So, try this:
1. Ask the Lord to help you write a 7-10 minute version of your salvation experience (850-1200 words) and a 3-5 minute version (450-600 words). 

You won't use either version word-for-word in an actual situation, but this preparation will help you think it through. 

2. Using an outline or notes, share your prepared testimony with your Christian family and friends.

3. Ask for their suggestions: Is it clear? Are there too many details? How can you improve it?
    Your story is part of God's story, and God wants you to share it with others. It deserves some time, attention, and prayer.

    Why not check out this short post for more ideas: 6 Ways to Use a Written Testimony. If you aren't ready to write a testimony now...no problem. Just think and pray about it, and if you decide to write one in the future, refer to these posts for encouragement and help. Thanks, Gail

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    "Boring Testimonies" and how God can use them


    1. Thank you, Gail. I should do this. My testimony is boring :-) too!!

    2. Thank you. This is a really great idea that we should all do. :) Blessings


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