Examining "The Shack" - A Collection of Helpful Articles

The Shack, Wm Paul Young
"The Shack" has become incredibly popular among Christians and non-Christians alike. Although it is fiction, it not "just fiction" because it is influencing millions regarding the character of God. 

Simply read a few of it's reviews on Amazon and you will see how passionately people are embracing its message.

There is a great need for Christians, whether they love or hate the book, to evaluate it Biblically, and that is the purpose of this archive. 

The articles below address The Shack's content specifically and they also address teachings in The Shack that are contrary to Scripture, for example, Universal Salvation, the belief that God doesn't punish people, the belief that Jesus is here simply to make us feel good....

I pray you will approach "The Shack" with an open mind and let the Bible evaluate it.


  1. Thank you for this supply of information.

  2. I read "The Shack" during a really tough time in my life. It brought up questions about God for me. Thank you for supplying these articles for us to read. I will take the time and read them all.

  3. I read the book, then threw it out! I am going to read each of these articles you wrote on this very false belief that is being embraced!


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