Examining "The Shack" - A Collection of Helpful Articles

This collection examines the view of God presented in the popular book and movie The Shack.

"The Shack" has become incredibly popular among Christians and non-Christians alike. Although it is fiction, it's influencing millions regarding the character of God. 

The articles below address specific elements of The Shack and compare them with God's Word. 

☑ Before You Say “The Shack” Is “Just Fiction,” Read This.

☑ Scripture vs. The Shack – 5 Ways “The Shack” Contradicts Biblical Salvation

☑ 5 Lies About God’s Character Promoted in “The Shack” – Scripture vs. Shack

☑ Paul Young, Author of “The Shack” – What Does He Believe?

Is He Calling God a Cosmic Abuser? -- If the God of the Bible actually sent His Son to die for us, Young thinks He is

☑ Things You Should Consider About “The Shack” Theology – Reviews from Solid Bible Teachers


  1. Thank you for this supply of information.

  2. I read "The Shack" during a really tough time in my life. It brought up questions about God for me. Thank you for supplying these articles for us to read. I will take the time and read them all.

  3. I read the book, then threw it out! I am going to read each of these articles you wrote on this very false belief that is being embraced!

  4. thank you for sharing the real truth about the shack/book/movie. my fear is that those new in faith would not recognize how harmful it can be and confusing ...i pray for the Holy Spirit to lead anyone who embraces this harmful theology to study God's Word and see the Truth and not be deceived

  5. I am 67, became a Christian 10 years ago. A friend suggested I read The Shack. I thought it was an interesting take on God but I did, even in my new Christian beliefs, believe that it was just a novel and not one to believe as fact. I thought it was just a "feel good" book. This same friend asked me to go to see the movie. I declined and told her that I did not believe that it was a true story of God. I get the true story of God by reading my Bible!!