Jen Hatmaker: Making Faith Culturally Acceptable

Jen Hatmaker is a spokesperson for the progressive Christian movement, which is many ways could be called the progressive compromise movement.

“Progressive Christians” are people who claim they’ve “de-constructed” their faith and come to know the real Jesus. We need to be aware of their message and their methods. (See Wilderness Wanderers.)

Jen Hatmaker is a progressive Christian spokesperson (See the Power of De-conversion Stories.) She's a former pastor's wife, a popular speaker, a NY Times best-selling author, and the head of an online community followed by millions of women. This is the opening description on her website:

“I believe women living in freedom are the answer to all that ails society.” ~ Jen Hatmaker

Jen is a good example of the progressive compromise that shapes the progressive Christian movement.

In a 2016 interview with Religious News, Hatmaker said, “I’ve always had a pro-life ethic and still do. But my pro-life ethic has infinitely expanded from just simply being anti-abortion.” 

Then, with typical progressive Christian judgmental rhetoric, she stereotyped all pro-life Christians: “There’s something incredibly disingenuous about a Christian community that screams about abortion, but then refuses to support the very programs that are going to stabilize vulnerable, economically fragile families that decide to keep their kids. Some Christians want the baby born, but then don’t want to help the mama raise that baby.” 

This is uneducated pro-abortion propaganda which ignores the fact that Pro-lifers have always been actively involved in helping women with problem pregnancies. And pro-lifers haven't depended on government programs. For the most part, they've given from their own finances. 

And they aren't screaming, as Hatmaker claims. The pro-lifers I know - and I know a lot of them - are praying and helping.

But that was 2016, and Hatmaker wasn’t done “de-constructing” her faith.

Jen Hatmaker is a spokesperson for the progressive Christian movement, which is many ways could be called the progressive compromise movement.
In a 2022 interview, she no longer talks of being against abortion. Instead, she says there are “endless personal reasons [for abortion] including the health of the mother, the health of the baby, rape, incest, viability, financial instability, a dangerous home environment, lack of help, and of course reasons that are theirs alone … as are their bodies.” 

And, keeping with progressive Christian rhetoric, she describes those who opposed Roe as “rabid” and uncompassionate. 

“Progressive Christians” talk a great deal about love and acceptance, but in the scores of articles and interviews I've read, they harshly judge anyone who disagrees with them. This seems to be a necessary ingredient in compromising biblical values. People can't seem to reject godly principles without demonizing those who still hold them. 

De-constructing faith is simply a fancy way of rejecting true faith and creating your own version of God.


For more resources for understanding and avoiding progressive Christian beliefs, see Beware of Ex-vangelical Teachings. For a good overview of progressive Christian beliefs and quotes from a number of well-known spokespersons, see Wilderness Wanderers

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