When "Love" = Hate

Many people of influence in the Christian community are questioning God's love.

They do this when they redefine moral behavior apart from the clear Scriptural guidelines. 

Everything God does is born of His love for us.

Questioning, downplaying, ignoring, or contradicting God's commands is the same as doubting His love and wisdom.

Pastors, speakers, authors, and musicians who redefine sin, are badly deceived. They think they're being loving to those involved in behavior forbidden by Scripture. But no one can be more loving than God (1 John 3:1)

We might not understand God's design and commands. But we don't need to. All we need to understand is God's perfect character and authority as our Creator.

Approving what God disapproves is a hate crime against God and against those enslaved to sin. Let's pray that Christians in positions of influence will clearly understand this. 

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  1. Amen, we do not need to redefine His standards. Great post, thanks!
    Happy weekend.


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