Intolerance Toward Christians

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Hypocrisy...Persecution...Hatred...Intolerance. This devotion offers 5 biblical responses to an increasing problem for Christians. #Bible

A certain type of persecution is increasing: Christians are being called "intolerant" based solely on our beliefs, not because we've actually been intolerant.

Christian groups that offer humanitarian aid are regularly condemned for their beliefs, even when they offer their help to everyone without bias. 

Some Christians are buckling under the pressure. A well-known Christian restaurant chain recently quit donating to ministries, based strictly on their statement of faith, even though the ministries serve the poor and needy without partiality (source).

Tolerance means treating people decently even if we disagree with their beliefs. Christian organizations that serve people with non-biblical views are going above and beyond the meaning of tolerance.(1)  

And people who ridicule those organizations based solely on their beliefs are the epitome of intolerance. They are demanding approval, not tolerance, and they are condemning Christians who are willing to serve them without bias.

So what should we do as this type of persecution increases?

Hypocrisy...Persecution...Hatred...Intolerance. This devotion offers 5 biblical responses to an increasing problem for Christians. #Bible
1. Stand firm. Don’t deny God’s Word simply to avoid persecution.

1 Corinthians 16:13: "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong."
Also Matthew 5:10, Matthew 10:22, and Ephesians 6:10

2. Find comfort in our Savior who was also persecuted.

Hebrews 12:1-2: "Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith."
Also John 15:18-25.

3. Remain tolerant and kind. Don’t return evil for evil.

Romans 12:17: "Do not repay anyone evil for evil."
Also 1 Peter 3:9 and 1 Thessalonians 5:15.

4. Pray for those who mistreat us.

Matthew 5:44: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
Also Luke 6:28 and Romans 12:21

5. Be honest but shrewd.(2)

Matthew 10:16: “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
(1) Tolerance: "showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with."   

(2) Shrewd: In English shrewd means "having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute." This is a fair rendering of the Greek word phronimos which means "intelligent, prudent, sensible, wise."
Christians should be honest about God's Word, never ashamed to speak the hard truths of Scripture. But we should also be shrewd, sharing those truths at the proper times and places and with the proper grace. 

Question to Ponder: Suppose you are teaching a Bible study which addresses sex from a biblical perspective with lessons on premarital sex, pornography, adultery, and homosexuality. You want to advertise your study on your church's Facebook page. But you discover that Facebook sometimes "hides" posts that don't affirm homosexuality. How could you be both honest and shrewd? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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  1. I will use the word "sexual brokeness" in my advertising. This is suitable to have common ground for all sexual sins addressed on Biblical ground.

    1. That sounds like a "shrewd" way of handling it. Thanks for your feedback.

    2. You are just advertising a Bible Study on Facebook not your views on various subjects right? I understand Facebook is embroiled in a battle with Franklin Graham. I know for a fact that Facebook supports the homosexual agenda. Therefore, you can expect opposition if you mention your Bible Study is going be about anything concerning that. If you are going to be shrewd as a snake, don't let them know exactly what your Bible study is about. I would go ahead and advertise the Bible Study if that is what you feel led to do. If God is leading you to do this, then do it. If not, then don't do it. Ask God for wisdom, boldness and guidance in this if he is leading you to do this. The LORD be exalted.

    3. Thanks, Unknown, for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I think the Bible study could be presented without the specifics mentioned.

    4. to Unknown: Very clever/shrewd:"sexual brokenness"...I would not have thought of that but that is what it is.

  2. Perhaps just listing the book, chapter, and verse. That was Facebook censors would have to look up andI doubt if they would do that.

    1. That's a good thought.
      At this point, we know there have been cases of censorship on Pinterest, especially in regard to pro-life groups. And there are a growing number of places where it is becoming illegal to talk of therapy for homosexuals and transgenders. Right now the censorship on Facebook is unproven but suspected. So my Question to Ponder is hypothetical at this point, but bloggers are beginning to think through how we can handle this growing problem. I won't change the subject matter of my devotions to fit social media prejudices, but I want to be shrewd so I still have a voice in those formats. And I am just beginning to think these things through. So I will enjoy hearing my readers ideas and thoughts.

  3. Would "Questions of Sexual Morality" or something along those lines get censored? I no longer have a Facebook account, but I hate what I've heard about how they censor stuff. As to your comment above that there are more and more places where it is illegal to talk of "therapy for homosexuals and transgenders." I'm not so sure that is a totally bad thing...who would listen to another who starts out with the assumption that anyone needs "therapy?" It can be a polarizing idea. Even Christians who think "therapy" will help such people groups may not have thought through the psychological and spiritual walls that get thrown up when the idea of "therapy" becomes a substitute solution for the real problem which is for us to aid the Holy Spirit in getting God's will through to anyone who needs it (regardless of the sin). We all need "therapy" of some kind but we might do better to think that our time with the Lord and in His word is exactly what we all need. :) I hope this post makes sense.

    1. I agree that using the word "therapy" wouldn't be attractive, and I should have explained more fully. My understanding is that any counseling program or teaching that even suggests homosexuals and transgender can change would be considered illegal. I just used the word therapy as a quick explanation. And if they make such programs illegal, that would mean that someone struggling with homosexual feelings who wants to live biblically could not get counseling legally.

  4. I was on Facebook for years., and I cancelled my account in 2016 and have never looked back. The evil messages and ideas that it endorsed and propagated (FB, itself, not necessarily the users) was overwhelming, disheartening, and depressing. Haven't had a TV since my first child was born in 2005 for the same reasons. It bothers me to see lies held up as truth, and then celebrated, so f choose to be, as best as I can anyway, an "in the world, not of it" kind of gal.

    1. I admire your convictions and it may come to that for all of us. At this point, Bible Love Notes attracts many readers through social media and the feedback we get from those readers encourages us to stay on social media as long as we are allowed, but we realize it is becoming increasingly censored. We want to learn how to be honest and shrewd.

  5. Hi Gail. I've been off of FB for nearly a yr. with just a few exceptions. FB kept blocking me and it simply wasn't worth losing my peace. I would suggest focusing on Scripture that clearly supports how God made man & woman to be together. Genesis and the Creation; the book of Solomon showing the beauty of Christ and His Bride, as well as, a man & a woman; etc.

    1. Hi Jude,

      I actually had FB delete my account for several months last year but they finally restored it. No explanation.

      It could have been unrelated to anything Christian since it was my personal account. But I know they temporarily deleted Franklin Graham's page because he opposed transgenders being allowed in opposite sex bathrooms.

      And I've had Pinterest twice block my account and restore it, but they refused to answer my questions about why it was blocked. There has been a whistle-blower who worked at Pinterest and got fired last year for exposing the way Pinterest had deleted a pro-life account claiming that pro-life beliefs were harmful to women's health!

      Things are getting harder all the time.
      I like your idea.

      Yes, sometimes showing the authentic relationship is as good as pointing out the counterfeits.
      God bless you.