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Because Christians and Mormons share some similar values, you might think that the Mormon (LDS) Church is simply a different denomination

But Mormon core beliefs are very different from Biblical Christianity. 

Many people think Mormons hold similar beliefs because Mormons use terms that have one meaning to the Christian but another meaning to the Mormon. But it doesn't take much research to realize that Mormon documents present a different method of salvation, a different view of eternity, and a different view of Jesus.

The LDS Church has an increasing influence in our world with more than 14 million members. And we need to be informed so we can effectively speak the truth in love to Mormons, introducing them to the true Jesus of the Bible.

These posts are bite-size pieces (most 1-Minute reads) so it's good to read them all as you have time. 
Is Mormonism a Cult?

This 1-minute devotion answers this question fairly with a yes/no answer, depending on what you mean by "cult." 


When Angels Tell Lies, Cults are Formed

This 1-minute devotion explains the origins of the LDS (Mormon, Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) church. It directly contradicts the warning in Galatians 1:8. 


The Mormon Word of God

While Mormons use the Bible, they do not consider it their main "holy book." This 1-minute devotion explains.

4 Divine Mormon Books

This 1-minute devotion explains the 4 books Mormons use for the basis of their faith. 

The Joseph Smith Version of the Bible

Even though they believe the Bible is corrupted, Mormons tend to use the KJV Bible more often than the JST. 

Should You Have Cult Members in Your Home?

Does 2 John 10-11 teach that we should not have Mormons or other cult members in our homes? This 1-minute devotion explains. 

4 Signs of False Teaching

Unbiblical "Christian sects" and cults typically use these 4 methods to change the gospel. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

Deceptive Evangelism

This 1-minute devotion gives us some recommendations for avoiding deceptive methods of evangelism.

The Formerly Racist god 

It's one of the largest cults in the world even though their god changes his mind about church doctrine. For example, racial equality. This 1-minute devotion explains.

I also recommend these articles on Got Questions:

These short articles explain that Mormons (LDS) have a different method of salvation, a different view of eternity, a different view of Jesus.

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