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Because Christians and Mormons share some similar values, you might think that the Mormon (LDS) Church is simply a different denomination

But Mormon core beliefs are very different from Biblical Christianity. It can take quite a bit of research to uncover these differences because Mormon sites use terms that have one meaning to the Christian but another meaning to the Mormon. When Mormonism is studied, using it's own documents, it presents a different method of salvation, a different view of eternity, a different view of Jesus.

The LDS Church has an increasing influence in our world with more than 14 million members. And we need to be informed so we can effectively speak the truth in love to Mormons, introducing them to the true Jesus of the Bible.

I use Mormon materials in these devotions to make it clear that I am not expressing opinions. I am not trying to manipulate the materials but simply present them for your information. If you read them and agree with the Mormons that they are the only faith that has the whole truth about Jesus and that Jesus visited North America and revealed truths not found in the Bible, you are free to do so. But it is my desire not to have people misled about the beliefs of Mormons.  I have nothing against Mormons except the fact that most of their materials for seekers share only part of the truth about what they believe. One must get involved in the Mormon church before learning all of their unusual, extra-biblical beliefs. 

These posts are bite-size pieces (most 1-Minute reads) so it's good to read them all as you have time.   

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