You May Not Realize You're Bitter

Beware of Subtle Forms of Bitterness

Recently, I realized I was bitter. 

Typically, I think of a bitter person as gritting their teeth with hatred and being guilty of epicaricacy

That’s definitely the worst stage of bitterness. 

But there are lesser forms of bitterness that manifest as sadness, discouragement, irritability, and negativity. If we don’t deal with them, they can turn into the grit-your-teeth kind. 

Some more subtle signs of bitterness:

1. Thinking about the offense often.(1)

2. Having arguments with the offender in our thoughts. 

3. Repeatedly referring to our offense in conversations. 

4. Making sarcastic remarks about our offender. 

So how did I determine to deal with my bitterness? 

1. Every time I think of the offense, I’ll pray for my offender. 
Matthew 5:43-48
See Set Your Mind or Set Your Alarm.

2. When a thought about the offense enters my mind, I’ll recite or read Scripture. 

2 Corinthians 10:3-5
See 3 Ways to Take Your Thoughts Captive.

3. Once I’ve shared the offense with my prayer partner, I won’t repeatedly talk about it.

Philippians 4:8-9
See Overcoming Negativity

4. I won’t make sarcastic or caustic remarks about the person.

Colossians 4:6
See If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Do What Mom Said.

If you have a problem with bitterness, I encourage you to deal with it now.

(1) See The Power of Negative Self-Talk

For lots of insights and full-text Scriptures on this devotion, check out today's Bite Size Bible Study

Beware of Subtle Forms of Bitterness


  1. This is a tough one for me. My husband says that I am like a "dog with a bone" as far as not being able to let something go when I have been wronged. It is interesting, isn't it, that we want GOD to forgive us for our sins, but often find it difficult to forgive others for their failings? Particularly when those failings impact our lives in a negative way. Anyway, thanks for this post. I am in the middle of something like this right now, so I will pray about it.

  2. Hi, Gail. I hope you're doing fine

    We have a WhatsApp Bible study group. I read this article and wanted to share it with the group but there's no "easy way" to do it.

    So, my suggestion is that you could do this "easy way" for us to share it directly to Whatsapp. I will share the link with them.

    Thank you so much for all the work that you do. You're such a blessing

    Saludos from Mexico.

  3. Bitterness is addictive too. If you don't run from it, soon you'll be immersed in it. Plus, don't become bitter when others have been offended. Grace is supplied amply to the victim of the offender. But to those that just take up the's harder to find since it wasn't your offense in the first place. God is in charge of those who offend and their aren't. Trying to put yourself in that place causes you a bunch of trouble. Hey...Learned this the hard way. Pray for them. Give them Godly counsel but don't take up the battle yourself.

  4. Hi Gail, as per usual, awesome practical advice. I asked myself those 4 statements and some I need to work on, and some are coming right. Great tool to check one's heart for the root of bitterness.
    God bless


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