Planks and Holes

When my husband developed a hole in his eye, God taught us some important spiritual truths.

Several years ago, my husband noticed distorted vision in one eye. 

A few weeks later, a surgeon inserted a gas bubble into the back of his eye where it pressed against a macular hole, causing it to grow back together. 

The challenge: my husband had to remain face down for a full week!

If my husband's only view of things came from that damaged eye, parts of the true picture would appear blurry or distorted.

God gives us a similar "picture" of spiritual vision when he talks about people who have planks in their eyes (Matthew 7:1-5). 

Planks of bitterness, arrogance, or selfishness make truth appear blurry or distorted. 

The answer: "face-down" humility and prayer.

I'm grateful physicians could restore my husband's physical vision* and I'm grateful the Great Physician can restore our spiritual vision.

Is bitterness, arrogance, or selfishness distorting your view of life?
Humble yourself and tell God you need eye surgery.
* I know God is the source of the physical healing as well

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When my husband developed a hole in his eye, God taught us some important spiritual truths.


  1. Bless you for finding a spiritual application in this! I hope he can read or you have stock-piled good music...or will you read to him? Suddenly I have a new appreciation for my unglamorous, ever-growing to-do list!

    1. This is our second day and so far he is not able to read, but we've checked out lots of audio books and I plan to read to him as well (something we sometimes do anyway). But it is terribly boring for him. Yes, it makes you appreciate "normal" life. But I am so grateful that there is a way to repair this hole. Years ago, he would have lost most of his vision in that eye.

      Have a blessed "normal" day, Janet. :)