Bitter People Keep Lists - Hebrews 12:15

Don't keep a list of sins, resentment, unforgiveness
List-keeping can be a good way to organize our lives or a bad way to hold grudges...

There are two kinds of people:
  • those who make lists
  • those who don’t
I’m a list-keeper, and I think it helps me stay organized. But not all lists are good.

For example: lists that record tiny details of past offenses, to study and memorize. 

The Lord lovingly convicted me of such a list recently. 

I realized that whenever a certain person came to mind, I began to review my list. I was becoming a very “organized” bitter person, allowing a bitter root to grow in my heart.

I’ve repented of that list and started a new list to recite whenever that person comes to mind. The first thing on that list:
“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” Hebrews 12:15

Do you have any bitterness lists? Ask God to help you toss them out today and start a new list.
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Don't keep a list of sins, resentment, unforgiveness


  1. Hi Gail, this is so true. I too am a list maker and will be watching myself more carefully to make sure my lists are positive and not bitter. Great practical reminder
    God bless

  2. What a great post. I too am a list maker. I do try to be mindful not to keep lists in my head that harbor bitterness and this is a lovely reminder to be intentional about it.
    -Gilded Grace

  3. I am a list maker but I learned a long time ago not to make this kind of list. Sometimes though, I can make one in my mind...I am trying to remember to think of Philippians 4:8 to replace negative thoughts.

  4. I love this. I do the same thing in my head too often. I will memorize this scripture and endeavor to make it the only thing on my list.


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