Do Not Judge

Reading All that Scripture Says About Juding

I wrote a devotion about the harm of reading immoral books and when I put it on Bible Love Notes Pinterest page, a woman commented: “The Lord also said 'judge not.' have you read it?”

Her misunderstanding is common. Many people think that the Bible prohibits us from judging anything beyond our own sins.

But the "Judge not" passage (Matthew 7:1-5), when read in context, actually teaches us these points:
  • Don’t judge others with a different standard than you judge yourself.
  • Judge your own sins first, because unrepentant sin alters your "vision" (perspective).
  • If you appropriately deal with your sins, you’ll be able to appropriately judge others' sins.
This passage prohibits hypocritical judging, not judging in general.
So why have we so easily accepted this false notion?

Because Satan has been twisting Scripture from the beginning of time to confuse us and make us soft on sin.

But we can refuse Satan's counsel by checking everything, even out-of-context Scripture passages, against the full truth of God's Word.

Some other examples in Scripture where we are called to judge: 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; 1 Corinthians 15:33-34;  For extra info on this, read How, Who, and When to Judge

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Reading All that Scripture Says About Juding


  1. Gail, spot-on. Great and gracious answer to the misunderstanding of the "judge not" issue. And you said so much, actually very weighty of an issue, put into perspective with just a few words. How DO you do that! ha, great, love it.

  2. Great series you started on Scripture myths! This first one is a great start!

  3. We live in a crazy mixed up world.. Keep taking the stand of Truth according to the Word of God....all I can say is... I agree with you and your Bible notes in this post.. Blessings!

  4. Yep, recognize that reaction... great post on it too, thanks!

  5. Thank you, Gail, for your love and knowledge of God's Word, and for skillfully sharing it with us, your readers. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  6. I have been enjoying these posts this week. How easy to pass off the correction the Lord sends us through others by using the excuse that we are being judged. I read those verses this morning. Thank you for putting them before us with such clarity, Gail.

  7. Ahhh yes...I call that the amateur reaction--people who don't know the Bible very well and are convicted about something always immediately jump to the "don't judge" defense. I'm saving your post to refer to the next time I get that response!


  8. Great topic "Scripture myths" and well written post on judging not. I love your short devotions.

  9. True words, but I would add the caveat that we are to approach judgement of non-Christians in a different manner than fellow believers.

    1 Corinthians 5:12-13
    What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. "Expel the wicked man from among you."

    In Christ,

    1. Yes, Melissa, that verse does draw a distinction. We shouldn't expect unbelievers to understand Biblical principles when they don't have the Holy Spirit to give them discernment. Good point.

  10. Much truth here, and you're right that many, many people don't understand this biblical concept. I would also add that we should limit our judgment to sins clearly delineated in Scripture. We mustn't judge others based on our own convictions and opinions that fall outside the realm of what God has clearly said in His Word. Thank you for your ministry!

  11. I'm glad I found this post! I have a question, is it considered judging if you find it sad that out of the seven people you know that are pregnant, only two of them are married?

  12. Hi Sarah,
    Yes, it is a sad that people are no longer ashamed to live together and have children without being married. And that's not our opinion--that's God's opinion, clearly presented in His Word.

    There was a time in our church history when an unmarried pregnant woman might have been treated harshly, without grace or forgiveness.

    Today our problem is the opposite--Many people are unashamed of violating God's loving commands and others are afraid to say anything for fear of being called judgmental.


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