Judge Not Scripture Out Of Context

Matthew 7:1 a Most Misunderstood Scripture About Appropriate Judging
People misuse Matthew 7:1 by taking it out of context...

"Judge not," found in Matthew 7:1, may be the most misused phrase in Scripture. An increasing number of people, including Christians, use it to rebuke people who advocate God's moral principles, especially those principles that oppose popular culture.

But Matthew 7:1-4 doesn't teach against judgement; it teaches against hypocritical judgement. Pulling the words "Judge not" out of context distorts the meaning and contradicts the rest of Scripture.

God tells us to judge:
1. Bad companions -
 1 Corinthians 15:33
2. False teachers - Matthew 7:15-20
3. Sin and unrepentant sinners - 
  Ephesians 5:1-13; Matthew 18:15

God also tells church leaders to judge sinning members (1 Corinthians 5; Matthew 18:15-17).

We must judge ourselves and our motives first (Matthew 7:1-4), but when we have done that, it is God's will that we judge sin and sinners. Not only does it benefit the church, it rescues and restores the sinner (James 5:19-20 ; Matthew 18:15).

See also: Do Not Judge and The "J" Word.

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Matthew 7:1 a Most Misunderstood Scripture About Appropriate Judging

Matthew 7:1 a Most Misunderstood Scripture About Appropriate Judging


  1. Very true and wise words. Thanks for sharing this! It is often used as a cover for sin. Don't judge me! As if you are now the sinner for thinking they have sinned! Are we to turn a blind eye like the members of the church who overlooked the sin of the man having relations with the father's wife... I also don't want to be found condoning sin...

  2. UGH! THANK YOU! This is one of those Scriptures, that when people pull it out and use it inappropriately I wanna cover my ears and yell. lol. I have been blessed with a dad, who when watching something of TV when a commentator tried to use it to his/her advantage, made sure he explained it to me, his daughter. It's usually quoted Incompletely and OUT OF CONTEXT!

  3. Living 30 years w an emotionally abusive "husband" this was thrown at me from all sides when I finally sought help. It was a life changing epiphany when I finally saw this scripture in its true light. We are to rightly divide the Word, not just blindly let others TELL us what God is saying. Great article!

  4. Hi Gail! I've included a link to this post in my recent article about the same subject. What a blessing! Marie


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