Don't Let Your Time with the Lord Become Rigid and Dry

Don't let your Quiet Time (time with the Lord) Get Rigid and Boring

Rules for a good marriage:
Each morning:
1. Study husband’s love letters 15 minutes.
2. Talk to husband 15 minutes, making sure to praise him before giving him a list of your needs.
3. Forget about him until tomorrow morning.

Don't let your Quiet Time (time with the Lord) Get Rigid and BoringAbsurd?

But that’s the way I have sometimes approached my quiet time with the Lord…fulfilling my duty like cleaning out a drawer. Do you ever have this mind set?

Several things contribute to this "duty mentality," but one is our tendency to become too rigid.

Some books/teachings encourage rigid ways of meeting with God, but I’ve found that changing things out keeps a freshness and excitement in my times with the Lord.

From time to time, I try something new...a new Bible version, a new devotion or study guide, a different time of day. Even a new journal helps.

Don't let your times with God become rigid--try something new today!*

*It's good for marriage too : )

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  1. Gail, as always, you have written truth in a captivating way. And it fits perfectly with a book I am reading "The Me I Want to Be" by John Ortberg. I laughed out loud when he said Jesus didn't journal! :) Thank you, Gail, for faithfully and creatively encouraging us toward God.

  2. You captured my interest!! I haven't read books that make my quiet time rigid for some reason. But it is always good to keep it fresh. I was hungry for God's Word and reading through the Bible a few years ago a couple times a year. I did this for about two years and slowed down to meditate on what I was reading. That worked for a season but wouldn't be good on a regular basis. The other day I just studied one verse that took me through the day.

    I'd love to read more ideas you might have. It is always refreshing to exchange what we are learning.


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