5 Roles Jesus Plays in Our Lives And Why We Should Meet Him For Coffee!

Meeting Jesus for Coffee, 5 Roles Jesus Plays in Our LIves, Jesus Counselor, Jesus Comforter, Jesus Friend
Sometimes we need a "get-away" to refresh and restore our well-being. This typically conjures up images of a sunny resort beach or cabin hide-away. 
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But I'd like to make a more practical suggestion. 

Have you ever considered taking a few hours to "have coffee" with the Lord?

Not your daily routine, but a special time planned just for you and the Lord, similar to the way you'd plan a leisurely meeting with a close friend.

Hit your favorite coffee shop, order your favorite coffee, pull out your Bible and journal, and enjoy!(1)

If you have to get a babysitter, consider it money well-spent (and much cheaper than that beach resort).

And there's no One better to refresh and restore us than:

1. Our Counselor--John 14:26

2. Our Comforter-- 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

3. Our Friend--John 15:15

4. Our Peace--John 14:27

5. Our Joy--Romans 15:13

I encourage you to plan a date with Jesus at least once a month.
(1) You don't need to like coffee to do this - it's the idea of getting away for a few hours to spend time with Christ as you would spend time with a trusted friend. 
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  1. What a great idea!! In some ways I think I don't need that since my home is like a cabin in the woods....thing is that there are always dishes or laundry that I remember needs doing. A coffee shop is so relaxing but turning off connection with the internet would make it a very special time with the Lord.

  2. Beautiful idea, and one I already "kinda" do. The first half hour of the morning is spent in quiet darkness with morning coffee, just chatting away randomly in thanksgiving and praise. It's the best time of the day - every day!

  3. ~~~my friend does this every morning, I shood too.~~~
    there are great needs in my home.


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