8 Reasons to Journal

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Do you hate to write?

Well, studies show that even "non-writer-types" benefit from journaling their thoughts when they realize no one is grading or editing them. 

Even if you throw your journal away when you're finished, journaling can help you honestly process your thoughts with God. 

God welcomes us to be honest and open with Him:
“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD…Isaiah 1:18, NASB

And studies suggest that journaling:
  1. Strengthens immune cells
  2. Decreases symptoms of asthma and arthritis
  3. Lowers stress
  4. Gives us insight from both our analytical left brain and creative/ intuitive right brain
  5. Allows us to think deliberately instead of randomly
  6. Records our life’s patterns, processes and solutions
  7. Is a reference for future problems
  8. Draws us into conversation with God
So grab a notebook and get started! It’s good therapy for body, soul and spirit.
Resource: The Health Benefits of Journaling 
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  1. What? You throw them out? No! I would rather you linked up at my Random Journal Day Link up, Gail!

    1. I'll have to check out your link up, but my journals are such a scribbled mess at times that they aren't worth keeping. I do sometimes pull out pages to keep when I toss them though.

  2. Love this devotional on journaling! I hope more of us catch the "bug" since it is such an amazing tool for spiritual growth. Thanks sweet Gail!

    Carly @ ryandcar.blogspot.com

    1. Yes, I've been trying to convince my husband (an adamant non-writer) that it could even do him some good : )

  3. I didn't realize ALL of the benefits of journaling, Gail.
    Thanks for the insight. Journaling is so personal. I understand why you would toss them out, although some of them would be encouragment for others.

    1. I do pull out pages now and then to keep, but my journals end up being part prayers, part Scripture study, part ideas, part lists, etc. Very personal but not easy to reread. I've tried to use nice handwriting and only write profound things when I get a nice leather journal, but I fail...they end up messy : )
      That's why I love composition books.

  4. I love to write yet I have never given much thought to journaling. Thank you for sharing, I just might take it up.

  5. Oh I love journaling! I've done it for years - I have asthma, and my specialist actually "prescribed" it and I've been doing it ever since. I understand the desire to throw them out - but I keep mine. After my grandmother passed away I came across a journal of hers, from when she was a young mother, and it is so soothing on so many levels.

    thanks for the post!

  6. Journaling even affects us physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally. Like you they sometimes need to be thrown away. I hope this post encourages many to pick up their pen.

  7. Wonderful!! I shall journal more. I used to be superb At this-but two kids later-well blogging is as good as it gets.
    I do have a gratitude journal though :-)


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