Bible Journaling

The Benefits of Bible Journaling

There is a new trend in Bible study called "Bible journaling" which goes beyond note-taking. 

It involves "drawing Scripture" - creating images that help illustrate the principles, concepts, promises, precepts, and insights in Scripture.

Why has this become so popular?

Because we are creative beings, made in the image of the Creator (Genesis 1:1, 31).

The Benefits of Bible JournalingA.W. Tozer wrote: "I believe God sang when He created things...Look at the sunset...Do you think that God splashed the lovely, beautiful sky with rose, cerise, blue and white and wasn't smiling when He did it?" *

Drawing, painting, sewing, writing, story-telling, singing, designing, taking photos, cooking, playing musical instruments, building things, gardening....these and all other creative human endeavors are not products of evolution. 

God created a universe that operates according to scientific principles, but He didn't create it sterile, stiff, or utilitarian. He infused it with creative beauty, and He enjoys that beauty daily.

And you and I enjoy it too.

Today, set aside some time to be creative in your own way.
Perhaps you could write a Psalm of joy to your Creator.

* Attributes of God, God's Infinitude, page 11
Image used with permission of Time Warp Wife

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Genesis 1:1, Bible Journaling


  1. Love this. My 2016 word is creator. A great message for me today!

    1. I pray God blesses all things creative in your life!

  2. I am a rubber stamper/scrapbooker & love working colored pencils & water colors. In elementary school, I had a horrid teacher who blamed me for everything that went wrong in class. I recall there was also no rm for creativity. Consequently I HATED art & thought I was awful & it wasnt for me. Yrs later, I fell in love with the creativity my cards and pages gave me.

    A graphic artist friend and her friend saw my cards & pages & 2 that were published. They said I was a natural and encouraged me to take classes. I wanted watercolor but had to take drawing first. UGH!flashbacks to elementary school arto class except now I was old and would be harassed by older students. & a teacher wanting to know what I was doing! Boy was I wrong.

    I had a delightful teacher. I had to take drawing to get to watercolor, but I stuck w/my teacher and took oil painting instead until I had to drop cause of my work schedule and asthma. I still learned the basic rules. Ironically I had 2 drawings selected for a juried art show. Even though i wasn't I at level to paint a portrait, I painted my most important piece.

    My mother-in-law was dying. They thought I was crazy asking for a specific picture to paint of her for my class final. I told the teacher I couldn't wait cause she was dying $ I wanted to give it too my father-in-law. learned why I do some of the things that I was doing with my cards. She said ok, but warned me it wouldn't be easy.

    I learned so much in those classes. They brought peace to my soul like nothing else could at the time. I'd get lost painting and drawing. Most importantly, I'd converse with our Lord. He was my best teacher! When I taught myself to use my pencils and paints on was my Creator teaching me. When the earthly teacher taught us to look at & study a tree to see that it isn't just green and brown, I didn't just see that in a tree, she opened my eyes to other items. But it was God's brushstroke who created those objects & ALL the colors even the ones that we can't quite get. When I my botched up my mother-in-laws portrait, I went to my Heavenly Father in tears begging him to help me get it finished. It was God who guided my brush to get her eyes with the perfect sparkle & her unique one-sided smile just right.

    I love seeing Bible Journaling, but haven't quite got time to draw or stamp in mine. I'm to busy writing notes and prayers in mine. For loving art so, my pages are pretty ugly!

    Oh but I do love how you've displayed your travels throughout your house. Especially The seashore mantle!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I love hearing how God works in different lives, and what a blessing to hear how He has used creative endeavors in yours. I'm so glad that your first bad experience didn't keep you from coming back to art. May God bless all that you do!


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