God Wins All Wrestling Matches

obeying the law, doing the right thing, wrestling with God
  • Location: Communist Czechoslovakia, 1980, on a tour with some girlfriends 
  • Situation: I ran out of money on Sunday when banks were closed. 
  • Possible solution: Black-market money-changers were everywhere even though this was explicitly forbidden by international law. 
  • My thoughts: My $2 worth of Korunas wouldn't pay for supper, no legal exchange available, everyone was doing it, and black-market rates were more fair. 
  • Solution #1: I bought black-market money from our tour guide, getting twice as many Korunas as the legal rate. 
  • Wrestling: God and I wrestled...all afternoon....me telling Him I had no choice...Him telling me that the bank law didn't violate His Law, so I needed to obey (Romans 13:1-6).
  • Solution #2: I returned the black-market money and prayed my $2 would be enough.  A friend (who knew nothing about my situation) surprised us by buying our supper, and my $2 worth of Korunas was a great tip for the waiter. 
I'm on the left in the photo taken on this 1980 tour to Prague

35 years later, I'm still learning that God wins all wrestling matches. 

For a few more details check out the longer version of this devotion HERE where I explain another illegal thing I did in Czechoslovakia - a thing I didn't repent of.

If this post leaves you with some questions, why not check out this week's Bite Size Bible Study.  See what the Bible says about obeying and disobeying authority. You can also subscribe to Bite Size Bible Study's weekly lesson.

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  1. Hi Gail, lovely story to point out the fact that when we choose God's way He blesses. Sometimes immediately, and sometimes later, but He does bless and honour right choices.
    God bless


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