Satan Uses Our Anger To Get a Foothold - Ephesians 4:26-27

Satan's foothold is like a computer pop-up ad, Temptation, Anger
Avoid Satan's temptations by dealing with anger Biblically...

Have you ever tried to close a pop-up ad only to find the "x" actually took you to the advertiser's site? 

Pop ups are becoming more aggressive and deceptive. 

Like the determined salesman of yesteryear who literally put his foot in the door, these cyber salesmen put their "digital feet" in our personal space.

Satan is also a determined salesman and his pop-ups are deceptive, aggressive, and effective. But there's one area where we can keep them to a minimum--by refusing to nurse, excuse or deny our anger. 

When we leave anger unresolved, it festers beneath the surface of our heart ready to pop-up and damage our day. 

“'In your anger do not sin': Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold." Ephesians 4:26-27

Let's deal with unresolved conflict and avoid increasing pop-ups from the Enemy.


  1. Oh boy, so true. Very well said Gail. Sometimes I know i justify myself with my anger because "they deserve it, they were wrong to do that", but I end up being the one harmed by holding on and festering. I thank God for forgiveness and for His help in forgiving!

  2. Dear Gail
    This is sound advice!! We need grace upon grace to resist everyone today that uses about everything they can to sell us stuff we definitely don't need!
    Much love XX

  3. Thanks for the reminder! Yes, when we deal with our anger right away it is gone, otherwise it gets worse...for me anyways! Visiting you back from my blog. Thanks for your visit!! Following you via GFC!

  4. What an incredibly awesome blog! I love the idea of "Bible love notes."
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog...I appreciate it!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Thanks for the visit, Cindy, and for the kind comments.
      Have a great weekend.
      Gail : )

  5. Great analogy! For me it's not so much anger that "pops up," but things like fear or jealousy. Hopefully when I see pop-up ads I'll be reminded to address these spiritual issues so they don't ruin my day. Thanks!

  6. So very true. Thanks for reminding us just how fast they can pop up!

  7. I found this post helpful. I know we need to turn off our pop off ads and block them with software. Blocking Satan's darts requires the hardware and software of the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

  8. Dear Gail
    Yes, and so often he sneaks onto your screen with some or other pornography site! Great wisdom!
    Blessings XX


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