God's Love is Unreasonable

Why God's Love is Unreasonable

God is unreasonable!

Just read the story of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20,24,32).

God carefully and lovingly warns the people by:
  • Calling them His “treasured possession”
  • Emphasizing His power with thunder, lightning and glory
  • Speaking the 10 Commandments aloud to them
God has Moses confirm His commands: 
  • Writing them down and reading them again to the people
  • Sprinkling blood on the people as a reminder of their promise to God
The people:
  • Promise three separate times to do all that God asks
Then Moses goes up on the mountain and God’s glory settles like “a consuming fire.” But within 40 days time, the Israelites make a golden calf and worship it as their god!

Unreasonable rebellion!

But not as unreasonable as God…He continues to love and guide these stubborn people to the Promised Land.

What an accurate picture of human history…your history and mine…our unreasonable rebellion, God’s unreasonable love.
Let’s thank God today for being so unreasonable!
© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011

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Why God's Love is Unreasonable

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