Foolish Reasoning

Atheist evangelism versus Christian evangelism, why Christians evangelize
artwork: Billy Frank Alexander
"We [atheists] evangelize so that people think about the here and now. So that people care about what happens to the world instead of only caring about how they get into heaven... We want people to want to KNOW, not just believe.."  
~ atheist commenting on "Misery Loves Company."(1)

Did you notice the contradictions?

1. She said KNOWING is better than believing but she didn't get her facts straight: Christianity is an other-centered faith and Christian organizations have always led the way in humanitarian works in the "here and now."

2, Atheism isn't KNOWING; it's believing. There's no proof God doesn't exist. It's a faith-based belief with a great body of evidence against it.(2)

3. Caring about people's forever eternal lives is more loving than simply caring about their brief earthly lives.

Let's pray this woman and others like her see the foolishness of their reasoning (Psalm 14:1).
(1) on Pinterest
(2) e.g. the faith of millions of Christians throughout history, the beauty and design of nature, the authenticity of the Bible. 

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