Sheeple, Insults of atheists, Atheists have faith, Matthew 5:11
"Gosh, you sheeple(1) are really pathetic if you need an imaginary friend to make sense of your miserable lives..." quote left on Bible Love Notes Facebook page

I responded:
What you call "imaginary" I know as fact, a fact that has changed my life forever. What you call "pathetic," I know as joy and peace that keeps me from saying mean things to others even when they say mean things to me. What you call "miserable," I know as true and abundant life in Christ. No need to feel sorry for me. ~ "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

Writing Bible Love Notes has introduced me to many such atheists, whose faith(2) in no God makes them rude. They don't realize being called sheeple is no insult when you're following the Good Shepherd. In fact, their insults are blessings according to Christ (see Matthew 5:11).

(1) I'd never heard this term before, but this man didn't invent it. It's a derogatory term combining "people" and "sheep," meaning persons who don't think for themselves and don't research things but simply go along with whatever they're told. Of course, that's not true for genuine Christians. Like the Bereans, we are supposed to check out everything that is said and compare it with God's Word (Acts 17:11).
(2) While they vehemently deny it, atheists have faith (not proof) in the unproven theory that there is no God. They are sheeple, but their shepherd is a thief (See John 10:1-18).

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  1. Wow, why don't they tell you how they really feel. Good answers Gail right from God's word.


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