Alice of the Brady Bunch Shares Her Faith in Jesus

Ann B. Davis: "I Had It All, But God Made Me a Better Offer"
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"What kind of greedy am I?"

This question haunted Ann B. Davis ("Alice" on the Brady Bunch) during the height of her television fame. 

She'd won the coveted Emmy, had a lovely Hollywood home,* and money to buy anything she wanted. But she felt empty.

That's when Davis discovered that only Jesus could satisfy: "I had it all," she'd say with a smile, "but God made me a better offer."

Ann stayed in our home in 1984 when she shared her story with our military wives fellowship. 

She spoke about the fact that happiness does not come from career, wealth or fame. She had all of those things, but she was not content until she found Jesus (John 10:10).

Ann's humble attitude and cheerful spirit made her a joy to have in our home.

"God has no taste!" she would laugh, "He loves everybody. We are stuck with the love of the Creator of the Universe!"

Ann went to see her Creator face-to-face on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

*Ann gave up her home to live in an Episcopalian community for most of her life. She was 88 when she died.

If you would like to read the 1984 article I wrote for the local Leavenworth, KS newspaper about Ann's visit, click HERE.

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The Christian Faith of Ann Be. Davis in her Own Words


  1. Gail, that is so awesome that you met with her in person. She always glowed to her character on the show, in interviews...wherever. You could just sense she was a happy person. No wonder!

    1. Yes, Gail, I'm so glad I met her and can share first-hand that she loved the Lord.

    2. Thanks for sharing. Your Bible notes are so inspiring. God bless you

  2. What a neat story! I never knew this about her, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Gail, so happy to know she knew Jesus. What fun to have had Ann in your home.

    1. It was fun, and when I heard she'd died, I knew others would love to know she is with the Lord.
      Have a blessed day,
      Gail : )

  4. Wow, that is so cool you got to meet her in person, what a blessing! I too was so happy to hear she knew Jesus. Thanks for sharing this story!

  5. That was a real treat to have Ann in your home and actually got to meet her in person!


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