On the Boat

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This week I got two comments on Pinterest from the same man. 

1. On a pin about sharing Christ: "Why not share the facts? Oh, that's right, you don't have any." 

2. On a pin about trusting God in bad circumstances: "Until he causes a flood and you're not on the boat." 

It's true that faith is "assurance about what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1), but we have abundant evidence of God's existence and goodness:
  • in creation (Romans 1:18-20).
  • in our innate understanding of good and evil (Romans 2:13-14).
  • in the lives of millions of men and women throughout history (Hebrews 11).
  • in the fact that Christianity has produced far more charitable endeavors than atheism. 
Atheists who pride themselves on facts, forget they have no proof that God doesn't exist.

Today let's take a moment to thank God we're "on the boat" and pray that this atheist will give up his faith in foolishness (Psalms 14:1) and climb on board too.

P.S. I've prayed about handling rude comments, and I've felt that it's usually best to delete them. On rare occasion, I've felt led to respond, but this man's criticisms were broad and cynical. I didn't believe he was in a place to listen at this point. But we can pray for him!


  1. Seems to me you handled this very well, Gail. No sense arguing with someone who is not even in the same book let alone on the same page. God will do the convincing and correcting.

  2. Praying for him and for you, as God leads to you handle the situation.

  3. It sounds like the commenter is angry and searching for what he, himself, really believes. In other words, he may be testing his own faith or lack thereof. That tells me that God is at work!

    1. This is what I thought, too. He probably wouldn't have been motivated to comment if there wasn't something in him being stirred. Prayer is always an appropriate response!

  4. My dad has been on the atheist bandwagon for a number of years now. He has no tolerance for religion or God, and after many arguments, I now refuse to get engaged. He started one of his rants the other day on the phone and I just kept quiet. He called back the next day to apologize. It seems most of the "opposing side" simply want to argue or make you feel stupid. Or make themselves seem superior. All Satan's tactics, IMO.

    1. Hi Gail
      Well, it sounds like you did the respectful thing, and perhaps that's why your dad apologized.
      Maybe your silence got through to him more than any words could.
      I also have been surprised by some atheists who have sought out my site or pins and written rude remarks. I've never gone to an atheist site to make rude comments : )
      I pray your dad will acknowledge the Jesus he sees in you and accept the Savior who loves him.
      Bless you,

    2. WHY is that???? I want to "unfriend" my father and brothers on Facebook b/c of the never ending "attacks" on Christianity! They are always posting negative comments and jokes. I USUALLY try to ignore it, but sometimes they DO get me going. Once they do though, they go quiet, like all they wanted was for me to get all riled up! Like you both say, it seems like they just WANT to argue--I too do not go to atheist sites, or post atheist slamming cartoons on my page!

  5. I was watching a TV program today, and a religious man expressed his sadness over atheists' attacks, but he also condemned Christians who make rude responses to atheists' jabs. You are right in responding with grace, Gail. We can always speak the truth in love when people speak foolishly. But sometimes it's hard to know how to respond.

    Personally, I think biblical wisdom is in Proverbs 26:4 and 5. These two verses seem to contradict, but one actually builds on the other. We're not to argue with a foolish person on his own terms (because we can become foolish too). He will despise our words. Yet there are times when we need to respond to a fool or his words go unchallenged. In that case, we speak with truth, reason and wisdom. Our response depends on the situation and the clear leading of God. (A good discussion of this is at http://www.gotquestions.org/Proverbs-26-4-5.html)


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