Difficult Hungarian

2 Timothy 3:16-17, God's Word reveals the purpose of life
In Hungarian I told our landlady her dog was tired.

"What are you trying to say?" she asked in English, laughing way too much. 

Then she explained that I'd just called her dog a chicken butt.

The U.S. Foreign Service Institute considers Hungarian one of the more difficult level two languages. 

I use that excuse if anyone asks why I can't speak Hungarian after living in Budapest 5 years. I can baby-talk a bit and I know hundreds of vocabulary words, but my grammar stinks. 

If I depended on my Hungarian skills, I would often be confused, misunderstood, offensive, and even endangered. And that's a great analogy for navigating life without knowing God's Word. Only as we sit down with Christ and study together can we learn the accurate meaning and purposes for our lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
A recent visit w/ our former landlords. My hubby in the middle.

Fortunately, learning the Word of God is easier than learning Hungarian!


  1. Can you hear the hysterical laughing, Gail? That sounds like something I would mistakenly say.
    Concerning God's Word, I have heard people take verses out of context and interpret an entirely false meaning! We need ALL of Gods Word to rightly apply it. Great analogy!

  2. In confusing times, God's word is the only thing that makes sense! We can count on His word to be true! Love this analogy!

    Blessings, Joan


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