Sitting in the Dark

We Need Not Sit in the Dark when we know this truth

It wasn't the first time I'd sat in a dark room.  

Many hotels in Europe use key cards that not only open the door, but also fit in a slot inside the room to turn on the electricity. That way, when you leave the room, everything, including heat and air, cuts off. 

It's a very green idea, but not so user-friendly. 

So, without cell phones in Croatia, and with the key card required for the entry door as well as the room door, I sat in the dark room while my husband Michael went to get something from the car. 

In the darkness, I thought about God. He's always available, ready and willing to give us His Light. He isn't stingy with it, doesn't ask us to use it sparingly and He never makes us sit in darkness because "God is light; in him there is no darkness at all" (1 John 1:5). 

Have you ever pondered that ... no darkness ... not even a shadow.  Awesome!

Would you like to do a short study on this devotion with all of the Scriptures included in full text? It will give you a look at what Scripture says about God's Light, and hopefully give you a fuller appreciation for our wonderful Lord! Click HERE.

We Need Not Sit in the Dark when we know this truth

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  1. He is the Light of the world! Awesome thought. And were there no Christians on this earth, reflecting His light, imagine how dark it would be.


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